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“Us” : Common Misconceptions About Jordan Peele’s Political Horror Hit



With an informed explanation based on multiple viewings and no shortage of eye-catching  graphics, this film reviewer (The Film Theorists) sheds light on the groundbreaking film that most audiences think they understood. 




At first glance, most viewers  think Jordan Peele’s “Us” is about the scary yet simplistic idea of murderous doppelgangers. Its true meaning, illustrated through repeated motifs and themes, is actually the failure and hollowness of “The American Dream”. 


Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke’s performances made us fall for the seemingly perfect Wilson family, but there’s no shortage of symbolism about strained American families; materialism, historical ties to segregation, and struggles with class mobility, just to name a few. 


As The Film Theorists illustrate, Peele masterfully weaves political ideology into a thrilling and visually stunning narrative.


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