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Parm Girn

Parm Girn

Writer|Producer at American Movie Company


There are several types of Green Screens out there that can be used for your video production.

It is crucial to consider and decide upon which Green Screen option best fits the limitations of the space available to you. This is a common issue and one easily resolved.

No matter which Green Screen you choose, be sure the color is chroma-key green. If not, compositing will be an issue.

  • Green Seamless (Paper or Fabric): If you’re on a budget, and looking for portability, then Green Seamless is an option.

There are several different materials on the market, such as lycra, foam, heavyweight paper. Although all achieve the same effect, Green Seamless fabric is preferable to Green Seamless paper, as there is a lower chance of hot spots and reflection.


Green Seamless


It is important to note that if you choose to purchase Green Seamless fabric, you will need to steam out wrinkles prior to each use in order to ensure even lighting. If you do buy Green Seamless, you will need to know how to properly hang it in order to create the “infinity background”. The best way to do this is by clamping it to secure stands, making sure that it is taut.

  • Pop-Up Green Screen: Pop-Up Green Screens are a step up from the Green Seamless option in that a support system for hanging the Green is included.


Pop-Up Green Screen



Most Pop-Up Green Screens are made out of fabric, so as with Green Seamless, wrinkles must be steamed before each use. You can find a plethora of Pop-Up Green Screen sizes available for purchase online or at professional video/photo stores.

  • Green Cyclorama: A Green Cyc is a hard curved wall background. It is built into a space permanently – not the best if you’re looking for portability.

Although it is possible to follow DIY tutorials online, it is best to entrust a professional cyclorama service to build it in order to ensure you will have a good quality, correctly measured cyclorama that will consistently produce an “infinity background”.



Cyclorama Green Screen


If you would like a Cyclorama, but don’t have enough space in that little studio apartment, renting a Green Screen Studio is the best option.

If a Green Cyclorama is right for your shoot, please get in touch with us at:  917-414-5489 or email us at:  [email protected] to discuss it further.

We also offer Pop-up Green Screen and Green Seamless solutions should your video production require a unique setup.  

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