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This Is Why HBO MAX Shows Are Winning the Streaming App Frenzy 

Top Shows on HBO MAX 2022

We’ve talked about the streaming wars before. It’s the term we used to describe the phenomenon that started developing late 2019 early 2020.  Click here for that article. It was the event in which almost all major networks were coming out with their own Streaming apps. 

A couple of years later the streaming revolution is well underway. With Netflix still high on the list but competing services on its toes when it comes to quality content. This past Fall we highlighted how Hulu and Apple TV+ had taken control with hit shows such as The Great and Ted Lasso. They’re still in very good shape and active in the game. Hulu is currently streaming ABC’s Abbot Elementary, a show which has been a hit and possibly the revival of the nearly deceased Mockumentary format, made popular by shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. I’m also excited and returning to Hulu to watch the highly anticipated new season of Atlanta. 

In early 2022 no other shows streaming have reached the level of discussion that HBO Max has achieved. This is why it’s time to talk about how HBO Max is stepping up as the OG “you must pay” to watch quality entertainment at home” app. 

And yes, I’m talking about Euphoria.

How the controversial show Euphoria has revived weekly episode releases and brought HBO Max’s content to the front of the line in 2022.


Euphoria, the 2019 drama series starring the talented Zendaya, has caused quite a stir with the slow release of Season 2. The show has caused a lot of social media controversy over its sexually explicit portrayal of high school students, not to mention the severe drug abuse and violence. Some argue that creator Sam Levinson is demented in his representation of teenagers. Others point out that this is an HBO show, and that the actors are adults playing characters in a dark, messed up world. I can see points in both arguments and still be captivated by the brilliance in the cinematography, storytelling and composition of Euphoria.

The release of Season 2 of Euphoria on HBO and the HBO Max app brought back a joy which we have not experienced much of in the times of Streaming. Waiting every week until Sunday for the next episode, discussing the expectations for the next one and sitting on that one episode a week, is good. Not to binge-watch, but to wait and digest a show is an enjoyable experience. Euphoria itself was full of suspense and could cause some people anxiety to watch.

Aside from Zendaya’s portrayal of Rue, actress Sidney Sweeny struck popularity with the role of Cassie. The whole cast of Euphoria was well received by the audience that faithfully watched each Sunday night. Much of the praise for the show went to their excellent work, whereas the criticism fell on the creators. 

Euphoria is a piece of cinematic art and should be consumed with careful consideration. Seasons 1 and 2 are now on the HBO Max app for you to binge, but please take it slow with this one.

You didn’t think you would be hooked with another historical drama, and yet here you are: The Gilded Age has arrived and transported us back to the 1880’s New York City.

The Gilded Age Is Another Hit On HBO MAX.

The new show premiered just weeks ago and has already captivated audiences. New episodes come on every Monday, each packed with the great conflict between old things and the developments of a new age. Starring Christine Baranski as a strict and old fashioned Aunt Agnes. Cynthia Nixon stars as Ada, perhaps the more lenient aunt. The story follows Louisa Jacobson as Marian Brook who comes to the city to live with her aunts and is learning the societal rules of the time, the hard way. 

One of the favorite characters of the show is Peggy Scott, played by Denee Benton. Ms. Scott is an ambitious black writer making a name for herself during a time when black people, black women in particular, had little resources to do so. As we get to know her character we also get to see the beautiful black society that was Brooklyn in the 1880’s. 

The show is from the creators of Downton Abbey, which has had its glory days. It brings on an impressive arrangement of characters that explore the social-political historical significance of the Gilded Age in New York City. 

These are but two of the shows that have captured audiences’ attention and brought them to the HBO Max streaming service. The truth is that the app is full of gems, such as The Righteous Gemstones. It’s a show about a powerful mega-church family that will surprise you.  

If you’re into thrilling dramas, The Girl Before is an engaging limited series that will keep you on your toes. 

HBO Max also has managed to get all of the best movies. The streaming app has just added West Side Story (2021) and Free Guy (2021), two films that did pretty well in theaters,  considering the pandemic.

HBO Max is giving Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV+ a run, proving why we’d be happy to opt for an HBO Max subscription rather than the latter. Let’s stay tuned to see how the competition responds. We welcome a new age of television, streaming, in this case.

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