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The Perfect Production Powerhouse

With NewTek’s software-driven, interconnected production solutions in your control room, studio, or OB unit, you can light up screens in the here and now while also future-proofing your operations for whatever comes next.

The Perfect Production Powerhouse

How to:

By Alex Udell


Realize your vision

Think outside the box to grow, change, and expand your coverage, and then do the same thing in other places.

Build a Better Workflow

Increase connectivity, efficiency, and productivity across your pipeline by using your existing network infrastructure, a wide range of compatible devices, and full integration.

Conserve Space and Cut Costs

Reduce your production footprint in the studio, on the road, or on location with IP-based, turnkey solutions that get rid of the need for expensive racks of gear and spools of cabling.

Produce More Programming

Increase the freedom and flexibility to try out new ideas, monetize more content streams, and reach every audience through TV, OTT, online, mobile, and on-demand.

Green Screen Studio WebCasting Control Room






NewTek live video production

equipment is designed in such a way that anyone can quickly learn how to use it and then progress to more advanced features as they learn.


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