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All the Cool Gadgets and Tech at CES 2020

The Best of CES 2020 1

The Best of CES 2020

Welcome to a new decade!  The 21st century is in full swing, as they say. Technology keeps improving exponentially and electronic devices of all sorts have become ingrained in all aspects of our culture.  At AMC, we’ve made it our goal to keep you informed on the fresh new trends in media and technology.  Here is our yearly review of the best of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) now the annual trade show under the auspices of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).  

Let’s look  back.  Here are 5 products that blew our minds at CES 2019.

CES the world’s gathering place for businesses involved in consumer technologies, took place this past January from the 7th to the 10th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This was a week filled with over 20,000 product debuts!  We were introduced to future of technology.

More than 4,400 exhibiting companies launched their latest tech products.  They ranged from global companies to startups breaking new ground. The innovation at CES 2020 promises to revolutionize markets and change our world for the better.  Yes, I am an optimist!

The whole spectrum of transformative technology to reinvent markets and propel business models forward was presented at CES 2020. Artificial intelligence and 5G mobile connectivity dominated the floor as key technology ingredients for this new decade. Non-traditional companies used CES 2020 as a platform to launch products. Companies such as Delta Airlines, L’Oreal and  NBC Universal showed us just how they’re transforming their businesses through technology.

Intrigued? Check out this post about how 5G and AI is changing our world.

CES 2020 brought together content creators, Hollywood, the advertising and music industries, and media companies, to explore the future of brand marketing and entertainment, including streaming services, through the return of C Space.

All considered,  CES 2020 was a truly spectacular demonstration of the coolest new gadgets coming to the market.

The Best New Gadgets at CES 2020

The Best of CES 2020 2

The Wall MicroLED TV

This 292 inch TV was the largest one seen at CES! As the largest screen, it deserves our undivided attention!  The Wall is a modular microLED display delivering a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true color and Samsung’s AI picture enhancement.

With this TV, every video, movie or sporting event will be larger than life. Just start ticketing your friends and family members at every screening. Might as well launch your own at home film festival!  Please invite me! This display also comes in 88 inch, 93 inch, 110 inch and 150 inch sizes.

Samsung was all over the TV game at CES.

The Best of CES 2020 3

Samsung Sero

Samsung’s Sero TV is designed for the way you use your phone. You can flip it from vertical to horizontal using the motorized mount. This way you can watch videos in standard widescreen or portrait mode and it syncs with the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Now, we’ve already mentioned that AI was a key technology ingredient at CES 2020 and Samsung was cooking with it.

The Best of CES 2020 4

Samsung’s Neon project

Samsung’s Neon AI project is trying to make video chatbots that behave like humans.  Neon’s goal is to have these realistic, digital humans act as teachers, healthcare advisers and personal assistants. They’re designed to learn and adapt thus becoming unique companions, moving us closer to a future where you stay in to hang out with your AI Neon friend.

In gaming innovation news with the added 5G ingredient, the MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 leads the trend of the future by bringing out the most powerful and interactive desktop in the gaming industry.

The Best of CES 2020 5

MEG Aegis Ti5

This is a robot-head looking gaming desktop. The concept PC from MSI builds on the company’s Aegis compact desktops to create a sci-fi looking gaming system. MSI brags that the machine is the first 5G compatible desktop, and it also features a ‘gaming dial’ which is a small display on the front that can monitor and control your system.

At CES 2020 this AI drone camera made its debut!  It’s really cool!

The Best of CES 2020 6

PowerEgg X drone

PowerVision’s PowerEgg X is actually 3 devices in one.  It can be used as an autonomous personal AI camera, a handheld 3-axis AI camera or a high performance drone. It can use facial recognition to keep subjects in the frame and it includes waterproof accessories so it can fly in the rain.

Here’s another flying object from CES 2020.

The Best of CES 2020 7

SA-1 urban air taxi from Hyundai and Uber Elevate

Elevate! The Hyundai Urban Air Mobility SA-1 is an air taxi concept designed for Uber Elevate‘s urban air travel service coming soon. The small five seat aircraft, which includes the pilot (so a flying car, my dudes) has a cruising speed of 200 mph. Both companies claim, that the craft will be able to reach a cruising altitude between 1,000 and 2,000 feet. The future of air travel ladies and gents, brought to you by Uber.

Speaking of Drones AMC has an excellent Aerial Drone Video Service.

Feast your eyes on this futuristic transportation.  Check out the decked out Benz!

The Best of CES 2020 8

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

From the creator of the hit film Avatar, James Cameron, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz comes this sweet looking ride. This concept car looks like it would fit perfectly in the Pandora moon from the movie. Life imitates art, people! The car can detect your pulse and sense your breathing, to create a symbiotic relationship between you and the vehicle, just like in the movie. My only question is, what if I’m not compatible with my Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR and it flips over and drops me out of the car?

This next innovation is good and we talk about this stuff a lot. With all these new Streaming Services on the market, how can we choose only one?

The Best of CES 2020 9


The Dabby home entertainment device can consolidate all your subscription services in one place and even replace your streaming device.  Dabby will even find your show for you!  The device will work with a variety of Streaming Services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. Finally, a real first world problem fixed.

Here’s a post where we break down all the different Streaming Services and try to make sense of this new age.

In camera news, Nikon has a new DSLR out.

Nikon D780

Building on the popularity of the D750 and adding mirrorless features like live view and video enhancements is Nikon’s new D780. Proof that DSLR’s are still in the game, baby!

Who else is in it? Check this Insta360 One R Camera!

The Best of CES 2020 10

Insta360 One R

Insta360’s new One R takes away the standard action cam design and instead takes on a modular approach that allows you to swap out different lenses and sensors. It includes  a 360 degree lens, a wide-angle lens and a wide angle lens paired with a one inch sensor that is capable of capturing 5K video. What sets the One R apart from the GoPro is the editing software accompanying it. Once you load your 360 footage on your computer, you can reframe your shot, add pans and track people or objects to keep them in the frame. The Insta360’s AI powered object-tracking algorithm makes sure that resulting footage looks like you intended to shoot from the start.

There you have it! The Best of CES 2020.

Finally, check out AMC’s 360 Video Production Services.

The Best of CES 2020

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