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Last Thursday, the American Movie Company crew provided video production and editing services for a small business event at the Yelp offices located in Manhattan. Attendees were business owners from a variety of industries including travel, entertainment and medicine.



Arie Ohayon was the DP on location, and led the three-man crew with RJ Yenesel as sound operator and Romain Gest as PA/cameraman. Parm Girn, Lou Blackmon and Eduardo Torres also attended the event, and checked in to see how production was going.



The crew members from the American Movie Company arrived on site before the start of the event to set up the lighting, sound gear and cameras. Arie and crew scouted out a portion of the office to use for filming interviews with the small business owners attending the event. Yelp’s director of Business Outreach was actively involved in the production of the videos, and played the role of the interviewer.

The two-hour affair was a great opportunity for small business owners to network and promote their work. There were several activities available to break the ice and initiate conversations. It was a great success!

After the event, the American Movie Company team broke down the equipment, and Arié went on to edit the content into several videos.

Parm Girn, Writer, Producer at AMC


Parm Girn, Producer, Writer at American Movie Company

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