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Standing sets are an excellent choice for film and video production.

Films and TV shows must be filmed in the precise location described in the story. Location shooting isn’t always viable due to cost and other factors. Green screens and studios can help you create the required impact. Building a studio is expensive, especially for low-budget films or TV shows. Here come standing sets.

Permanently constructed standing sets are rented for film and TV productions. These sets give an authentic location feel, allowing you to complete projects without a shooting clearance. It reduces production costs, saves time and money on transportation and set design. When filming a movie or TV show, rent a set to achieve the right feel and authenticity.

American Movie Co. has the best rates on standing set rentals in New Jersey for your next movie, music video, infomercial, or other video project.

Jersey Standing Sets Studios

Large White Cyc Drive-in Video Studio NJ

$2,000 a Day for a 10 Hour Day Rental 

Includes Stages and Standing Sets

You are welcome to bring your own lighting and grip or rent from our extensive collection.

New Jersey Prime Studios Makeup Room

Has a unique 10,000-square-foot

The two-story building in Woodland Park, New Jersey, 30 minutes from Manhattan

It has a wide range of studio sets.

Sets that include multiples of every room in a house, an office, and outside facades for a restaurant, home entry, garage, and the Demons Gate haunted house.

Black & Gold Podcast Interview Room

On the banks of crosswicks creek riverview studios is an 1800’s mill converted by james parker with two studio spaces available.

Studio a is 2450 sq. Ft of space (70’x35’) with a lighting grid. Many set pieces and backdrops available or we can custom build to your specifications.

Studio b is 1200 sq. Ft and holds an 20ft. By 20 ft. Green screen and lighting grid. Other backdrops available. Studio b also offers additional shooting space with flexible backgrounds such as double patio doors, stairs and a doctor’s exam room.

Jersey Standing Set Stages
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Miranda Sherrell
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