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8K Cameras & 8K TV

8K Resolution Will Radically Change Television





New RED Weapon 8K 35M Sensor






New 8K video resolution AKA 8K Super HD is now the highest  resolution in digital cinematography and TV monitors.  The 8K means that the horizontal resolution is about 8,000 pixels, with a grand total of  7680×4320.

8K Super HD video is double the resolution of  4K with 4 times the pixels overall and a whopping 16 times the  pixels of regular HD.

High-res TV monitors like 8K allow the viewer to see each pixel as indistinguishable to the eye from a normal distance from the screen.

By way of example, with an 8K digital TV screen  52″ measured vertically, the optimum effect would be experienced with a distance of 20 inches from the TV, and on a 92″ screen 3′ form the TV.   8K TV’s will have technology enhancing lesser resolution videos with a combination of cropping and downsampling techniques now employed in digital video and NLE editing.

8K also lets videographers shoot in super high res with a wide angle lens or at a telephoto distance when shooting dangerous subjects (EG dangerous wildlife documentary), by simply zooming and cropping digitally in post. I

8K television resolution is predicted to be the new standard beginning in 2020 with 4K settling comfortable into the mainstream in 2017.



  • AH-4800, a camera capable of recording in 8K resolution.
  • RED 8K Weapon Vista Vision, shooting 8K (8192×4320) at 60 fps in full-sensor mode, or up to 75 fps in a scope (2.40:1) frame format. Unveiled at NAB 2015, released end of 2015. The camera has 40.96 x 21.6mm sensor.
  • RED Weapon with the new S35 8K Helium sensor technology with 29.9 x 15.77mm sensor (this is different from the above “Vista Vision”, which is based on the previous generation Dragon sensor) – limited release July 2016 / planned general release October 2016
  • Ikegami SHK-810 8K UHDTV camera.
  • Hitachi SK-UHD8060.
  • Canon Cinema EOS System 8K camera.
  • Panavision 8k DXL digital cinematography camera (large-format CMOS sensor)





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