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Rent Mo-Sys StarTracker

Best Optical Camera Tracking Solution

Rent Mo-Sys StarTracker 1

StarTracker Unique Features

The  StarTracker Optical Camera Tracking Solution uses small, identical reflective star shaped stickers applied either to the ceiling of the studio or to the lighting grid.  The star shaped stickers can be placed completely randomly.

A camera mounted LED sensor illuminated the stickers.  This pattern allows the Mo-Sys system to perfectly define the position of the camera in space and to feed this information with perfect accuracy to the render engine.

Coupled with a professional compositing system, the StarTracker System allows for a fluid camera movement through the 3D/4K space of a photo real virtual set such as the one pictured below.  With lens information entered into the computer, the camera can move on a jib through the virtual space totally realistically.  The elements of the scene, whether they be real or virtual, are seen by the system as totally real.  In other words, one could rack focus from an actual person in the set to a virtual object and back with perfect realism.

The Mo-Sys Solution creates limitless freedom of motion.

It establishes pinpoint accurate positioning of the camera lens relative to the virtual space.  In also perfectly calculates rotation and lens data in real-time.  So aside from jib use this makes the StarTracker the perfect solution for  SteadiCam and handheld tracking.

The studio camera can actually function through 360 degrees around the studio and move totally off the Green Screen to literally any position in the studio,  If you have a 360 virtual set such as those created or imported into in Unreal Engine you  have total freedom of movement within the entire virtual space.

As long as there are enough “star stickers” for the LED sensor to see you have perfect control.  As the sensor looks up at the ceiling the Mo-Sys solution  is not distracted by factors such as studio lighting, actor movement, light reflection, etc.

It’s simply the most reliable professional camera tracking system on the market.

Set-up of StarTrack and initial calibration is extremely easy and quick.

After the star stickers are on the studio ceiling, you are basically ready to go.  There is a quick calibration and mapping process.

Note: several cameras can track off the same star map. After you calibrate the system it is totally automatic and begins the tracking process as soon as it is turned on.   It requires no additional tech support in every day operation.

Perfectly Accurate Tracking

Unlike mechanical encoded pedestals that rely  upon “dead-reckoning” and hence gradually accumulate error as the camera moves theStarTracker is error free.  Thus it’s perfect for AR and VR  situations.

(917) 414-5489

Weight : 2kg

Processing Unit Dimensions : 19 x 14 x 4.5cm

Sensor Camera Unit Dimensions : 7.5×7.5×7.5cm

Sensor : IR or Blue LED

Power Input : 100V – 240V

Data Output : IP or RS422

Virtual Set Living Room High Tech
Rent Mo-Sys StarTracker 2
StarTracker Head Tracking Headset VR/Ar
Rent Mo-Sys StarTracker 3

StarTracker Headset

The  motion tracking system built into the headset allows for real time virtual reality and Augmented Reality environments.  Companies such as New York based KéexFrame, JettSetts and the American Movie Company are setting new standards in these exciting new technologies.

StarTracker is the most cost-effective  for unrestricted, real-time camera tracking

StarTracker is the most cost-effective choice for unrestricted, real-time camera tracking. In fact, it is often the only cost-effective proven technology option to track cameras in large volumes.  By using one tracking sensor camera and a great number of inexpensive stars stickers, instead of relying on an array of expensive tracking cameras, makes it extremely cost-efficient.  And just by adding more stars to the ceiling, the tracking volume can be easily extended at a very low extra cost. You can even employ a single StarTracker system in several studios.

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