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New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 1

Breakthrough New Live Streaming Technology

Gives Virtual Events the Functionality and Security of Professional Studio WebCasts

New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 2

Traditional WebCasts use either:

A widely available mass market platform such as Zoom, or similar products from Microsoft, Cisco, etc. 

Or they employ a professional approach with a professional camera and sound crew with a streaming specialist operating a sophisticated Flypack/Switcher/Encoder with lots of bells and whistles.  

The first method, Zoom, etc. has many obvious virtues.

But also has many serious limitations. 

The video and audio are often amateurish.  The security is questionable.  And now that the world has rushed to embrace them out of sheer necessity… tech support is seriously lagging. 

They are a workable solution. 

But not the best viewer experience.

Not exactly the way to enhance your brand.

New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 3

Our tech team has been able to deploy the functionality of our enterprise level Flypack into the Amazon Cloud.

This means:

  • We can now provide a full professional WebCast by using webcams or smartphones (iPhone or Android) operated virtually from anywhere in the world.

  • We can remotely manipulate the video and audio and graphics just like a major TV studio.

  • Remote cut, fade and dissolve, etc.

  • Do side-by-side or multiple image boxes.

  • Insert a PowerPoint/Keynote controllable by the participant(s) and with their live video image next to it.

  • Insert “lower thirds”.

  • Fly in animated logos, graphics.

  • Play pre-recorded video

New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 4

Connect to social media with live feedback, audience questions, etc.

  • Set you up with 24/7 live tech support to help select just the functionality you need and that fits your budget.

  • Give you access to valuable analytics.

  • GreenCreate , schedule, technically manage and moderate advisory board meeting.

  • Disseminate calendar invites, connection details and dial in numbers to all parties

  • Enable Pay Per View.

  • Create, and manage multi participant screen share.

  • Create and coordinate test meetings.

  • Custom polling and word cloud integration

  • Registration page with custom branding

  • Moderation of group and private chat rooms.

New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 5
  • Creation and management of breakout rooms and side sessions


  • Closed captioning services

  • Meeting attendance and participation data gathering

  • Set up a “Virtual Green Screen

  • Managing of annotation and white-boarding by multiple participants simultaneously.

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Equipment Curation & Rental

Selection, shipping, and installation assistance of equipment for remote meetings

  • Broadcast grade microphones

  • Broadcast grade robotic tv cameras

  • Studio quality headsets and playback options

New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 6

The American Movie Company has formed a strategic alliance with The Phoenix Group, Saturn Encoders and NCoded Communications.

Together we have created a unique solution to the need for 100% virtual WebCasting with the mass ease of Zoom but with the superior functionality, 24/7 live support and totally secure encryption of enterprise level studio WebCasting.

If you need more than the limited functionality of your present service, call now.


New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual 7

New Enterprise Live Streaming Video Service | 100% Virtual

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Featured

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