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Good things come in small packages!

True that!

I was once again part of the motley crew headed by Tristan Marciano from Hungry Man Productions. He and I worked closely together on a series of promotional videos for Jaguar LandRover in 2015, and again in 2016 for their SUV vehicle lineup.

This time we were shooting a commercial for Nabisco. The product? “Good Thins”! They are sort of like the popular Wheat Thins snack, only healthier.

The spokesperson? Dr. Ruth Westheimer! the irrepressible, diminutive, sex therapist, media personality and best selling author.

We met shortly (no pun intended) after my arrival on set. I must admit I did not know about her long career and background.

I found her to be an amazing lady. She is sweet, irreverent, unfiltered, demure, and professional in every way.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

We spent some important prep time together going through her lines, and updating the script. She was curious and inquisitive about all manner of things. She referred to her youth and her arduous journey. Dr. Ruth is an orphan of the Holocaust. No need to expand. We can imagine.

The commercial consisted of two 15 second versions and two 30 second versions. I worked closely with our script supervisor as well, to ensure that my prompting was precise and accurate given the constraints of the allotted time for each version.

For this particular shoot the American Movie Company provided a 12 inch Standard Teleprompter with the Autocue black mounting bracket, 3 part gold pate sliding system with 15 mm extension rods and our signature QTV ultra bright monitor. We shot on a beautiful Arri Alexa XT and on Anamorphic Zoom Lens. We built a very impressive rig, if I say so myself.

This job ranks as one of the most interesting ever. Everyone worked well together and Dr. Ruth made us all smile. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a warm, friendly woman.

Nabisco Commercial with Dr. Ruth Westheimer - Teleprompter Rental - American Movie Company 1

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