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Virtual Live Streaming Conventions, Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Town Halls, Events and TED Talks

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 1

Studio / Home Virtual Event Format

  • Small number of speakers come to one of our local studios which has in place a strict ESP (Extreme Sanitary Protocol).
  • A second tier of live video participants join in from home.  High end WebCam/mics are mailed to this group.
  • Limitless number of attendees watch and submit questions via social media.
This gives the most realistic participant experience.   The small number of speakers share the same safe space (social distancing strictly enforced). I actually prefer to say ‘physical distancing”.   The viewer sees a full TV show-like experience with full advanced Green Screen capability. 

100% Virtual Event Format

All Speakers & Participants Join In From Home

  • The speakers each receive a high-end WebCam/mic through the mail/FedEx.
  • They are guided through the set up process via a live webinar hosted by one of our senior technicians.
  • The event is monitored by a tech who helps any participant both prior to the WebCast and during it.
  • The speaker’s individual video stream is routed through our FlyPack Pro Encoder/Switcher so that most of the TV show experience referenced above is available.

Call us at: 917-414-5489

Send email to:  [email protected]

1. Virtual Conventions

Live Streaming a Virtual Convention: Schedule

Virtual Convention

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 2

Live Sessions






Breakout Room 1: 


Speaker 1: Topic

Speaker 2: Topic

Speaker 1: Topic

Speaker 2: Topic

Breakout Room 2:


Speaker 1: Topic

Speaker 2: Topic

Speaker 1: Topic

Speaker 2: Topic

Breakout Room 3:


Speaker 1: Topic

Speaker 2: Topic

Speaker 1: Topic

Speaker 2: Topic

Description: Speakers will log into the designated virtual Breakout Room where they will be Live Streaming their presentation for the allotted time frame. Each virtual room has various speakers organized around a key topic. Attendees can log into the Live Streaming speaker of their choice.  This can be free or Pay Per View.
Covid-19 Protection for Live Streaming Video Conference
In this scenario, as in most, you have the option of having one or more (limited number for safety as long as the present virus situation persists) come to one of our studios or a venue of your choice.  Crew and speakers are limited and are committed to practicing ESP (Extreme Sanitary Protocol), social distancing, gloves, masks, studio/venue cleaned immediately prior to WebCast.  This person(s) would be the keynote speaker(s) and could be in a beautiful 3D 4K Virtual Set  if shot at our studio or on location at the client’s venue of choice.

There Are Three Levels Of Participation

A) We are equipped to follow the standard convention format of individual Breakout Rooms as seen in the graphic above.  Only, instead of the speakers talking from a physical convention Breakout Room they are in another safer local location or at home.
B) Then a small number of panelists (say, six to ten) would be joining Live from home via a plug and play camera/microphone we would FedEx to their home.
C) The remainder of the audience can watch from their computers at home.  This can be an unlimited number. And there is no additional cost.
More:  The Virtual Convention can be sent free of charge to everyone the client wishes to view it or there can be levels of Pay Per View.

Call Us at 917-414-5489

Email us at:  [email protected]

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 1

Safely Webcast Your Corporate Meeting or Convention From Home

2. Virtual Corporate Meeting / Corporate Event

Live Streaming Video conference for large groups

You need to meet with your executives.

However, travel is now restricted and unsafe.

Even a physical meeting, if it could be arranged, is dangerous given the possible spread of Coronavirus.

So what to do?

Live Streaming Video Conferece

Live Streaming Video Conference
Many companies and universities (NYU, for instance) are using Zoom tecnology as an interim solution.  Zoom has been around for a while and is  fully featured and  highly regarded.

It’s proven to work very well and is a good solution for many companies.

The problem is that if you are not already an established Zoom enterprise user with a professional in-house tech support base you may have issues, not only setting up Zoom but using it trouble-free.

So, months ago, I partnered with Zoom experts, The Phoenix Group.

The result – a very powerful, tested and proven effective enterprise level Zoom experience.

Further, we have the highly experienced Zoom technical support staff to meet and perhaps even exceed your needs.  We will help you update or acquire a Zoom license and then assist you in setting up and efficiently configure your system.  We will test it while online with you and your key staff.  We will help get you the additional hardware/software you will need to take maximum advantage of the Zoom potential.

And then, we will be online with you as live tech support when you go live with your virtual corporate meeting.

And, finally, we will provide you with valuable feedback regarding all the statistics relevant to your needs.  How many participated?  How long did they stay on?  Truly invaluable information.

quick response 24/7 with live streaming video conference

The Advantages to Live Streaming Video Conferences With Us

1.Quick response times and a 24/7 monitoring system

2.Preventive monitoring to stop issues from happening in the first place.

3.Designated support leads who will help road map your situation.

4.In-house experts that have SME level knowledge regarding Zoom, AV/VTC hardware, software, and workflows.

5.The ability to staff up, as it were, on a moment’s notice.

6.We have already existing Enterprise Level relationships with Zoom other vendors.

7.As a staffing and support firm we have experience and deep familiarity with corporate clients and the necessary support at all sizes of companies. 

Call us at: 917-414-5489

Email us at: [email protected]

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 1

3.Virtual Wedding 

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 5

April, May, June, (and beyond)

Wedding Planners

With the dark cloud of the Coronavirus over our heads it’s very hard, if not impossible,  to plan your “dream wedding”.

When that cloud lifts and you are able to enjoy that marvelous day exactly as you always hoped, we at American Movie Company will be there to help bring your fantasy to life.  We can Live Stream both the wedding ceremony and the fun at the reception.  Everyone invited to share this blissful day can be there either physically or virtually. WebCasting (broadcasting to the internet) makes it possible for everyone to share in your most important of days!

But for right now, most wedding plans are in abeyance.

What to do?

We have two options for those for whom postponing a wedding is not possible or practical.

Option One Maximum Quality.

If you already have a venue and a small wedding party that can safely and legally assemble there, we can WebCast the event to all those who cannot travel.  Older or ailing relatives or friends who live far away will appreciate the gift of being there!  Social distancing is less painful this way.  From the safety of their home, anywhere in the country or the world all can share your happy, carefree day!

We can send a two person camera and Live Streaming crew to record and WebCast the event.  This process will also give you an instant video. No more waiting for months for the wedding photographer/videographer to edit and deliver the precious wedding video.

If you do not have a venue confirmed, we can create a 3D/4K Virtual House of Worship or literally any location space you wish, be it a beach or a fantasy castle in Europe.

If you clicked on the link above you must know you are not limited by the few samples you see here on our website.

We can create whatever you can imagine.

With this option you would come in to one of our sanitized studios.  We follow closely the recommended ESP (Extreme Sanitary Protocol).  Studio is scrubbed clean, small staff wears protective clothing, social distancing is respected etc. We will put your small wedding party in the location you have always dreamed of.

If you were thinking of a church we could make it a magnificent cathedral or any temple size/type of House of Worship you have in mind.

Option Two. Maximum Safety.

If you are planning a wedding, but are understandably, concerned that many of the people closest to you can’t be there for a variety of reasons – we can do the event 100% virtual.

You have undoubtedly heard of the Zoom platform.  It is a very popular technology that enables a huge number of people in different locations to see and hear each other over the Internet.

The bad news is Zoom is overloaded with new requests and it’s not always easy to set up and configure it to your precise needs.

Or even to get them on the phone.

Here we can help.

The American Movie Company has partnered with The Phoenix Group to create a working solution.  We have an Enterprise Version of Zoom, which has far more capability, “bells and whistles” than the entry level version.  What’s more, our staff has many years of working with Zoom and knows it intimately.  Out key techs spend most of their day on the Zoom platform.

So, why struggle?

We can help you set up your account and get you the exact configuration for your event.  Then we can send you the necessary hardware (camera and microphone) to all who wish to actively participate in the wedding, those who wish to be a part of the live event, seeing and speaking, wishing the couple well and hearing blessings can partake!

The rest of the viewers, and they can be hundreds or many thousands, watch the event live from wherever they are!

No charge.  No additional gear needed.

This may all sound a bit bewildering but we will walk you through it.  And if you decide to do a virtual wedding with us, our techs will not only set it up for you but will be at the virtual rehearsal.  They can troubleshoot any last minute change.  They are totally technology savvy.  They will also remain present at the time of the actual ceremony and, if you wish, at the virtual reception to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Note to wedding planners:  Please give me a call to discuss offering this possibility to select, discerning clients.

Call 917-414-5489

To all who wish to know more, please call me, Bill Milling, at 917-414-5489 or send an email to: [email protected] and allow me to help you make that day one to remember.

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4.Virtual Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 7
The Virtual Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony can be done in the same two ways as the Virtual Wedding.

Both are traditionally, large events but can adapt to the exigency of the moment.  Smaller groups are practical and safe under the circumstances.

We have the technology to assist, especially in terms of groups of people watching safely from a distance anywhere in the world, literally!

For details on the different plans,we suggest you look at the Virtual Wedding column at the left.

The options are actually the same.

Potential Add-Ons for a Virtual Wedding / Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Connect with people before, during, and after your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  You will have your own website to Live Stream your event and remote participation.

You can collect “shout out” videos of each attendee sending you their heartfelt message!

Talk to us today to learn about how you can capture all the data (photos, videos, messages, answers to questions, etc.) from your remote guests.

We provide your virtual wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah with a detailed digital report analysing your engagement stats, all viewer details shared with you so you can respond with a heartfelt “thank you”.

Give me a call to discuss how we can help keep your event safely on schedule.

Call 917-414-5489

Or send an email detailing your needs to: [email protected]

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5. Virtual Product Release

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 9
We have in the past WebCast major product releases for companies such as Ford Motors and Avid

In the case of Ford Motors, it was the reveal of their newest top-of-the line SUV.  They chose us to Live Stream the event.  We did the Live Multi-Camera video capture as well as the WebCast to Facebook Live.

On the other hand, Avid chose to Live Stream their new products to several destinations simultaneously: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live as well as their website.

We can handle a product release in two ways:

Plan A – The Most Impressive.

Your product spokesperson comes into one of our spotless studios (ESP – Extreme Sanitary Protocol is adhered to). with the product and against a Green Screen-enabled virtual set explains the virtues of the new product.  The 4K/3D backgrounds are state-of-the art.

We recently upgraded our “live on Green Screen moving camera live capture technology” from 1090p HD to true 4K for the production of an amazing video for Universal Pictures’ new Billion$ + ride at Universal Studios Orlando.

You can see this tech in its former 1080p version on our website.

We can’t post the new material until the park opens.

You can, however, get a very good idea of the high quality of the 3D sets at our site via the above link.

Plan B – The Most Safe

This is a remote WebCast directly from your office, lab or home.

It is 100% virtual with no travel needed.

We ship high end camera microphone packages directly to each person involved in the demonstration.  We then walk your staff through the camera and mic set up and test the system remotely.  We do this through a demonstration so that your presenters or sales team feel totally comfortable and confident. And we stay with you throughout the actual WebCast to troubleshoot, if necessary.

Some of our clients include major product reviewers, from TV, cable, online and print media in the WebCast.  This allows a reviewer to ask questions and get expert answers for your technicians or sales force and get useful answers in real time.

In our experience, the reviewers appreciate the ease with which you have provided them with not only a first close-up look at a new product but a great way to see all of its functionality and to appreciate its fine design

Call 917-414-5489

To learn more about how we can customize the application to meet your individual needs more exactly please call me, Bill Milling, or email me at:  [email protected].

6.Virtual Fitness | Virtual Classes

A general price guide can be seen at the bottom of the page but for a more tailored estimate please call Bill Milling at: 917-414-5489

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 10

Yoga & Exercise Classes

We can supply one or more high quality remote camera/microphone units for you to set up in your space or at the instructor’s home environment.  Our remote camera switching  gives you the capability to do impressive productions safely at your location or we can do a greatly enhanced version remotely from our offices or studios.

If you can bring an instructor to one of our ESP (Extreme Sanitary Protocol) Green Screen or White Cyc Stages in Manhattan, Astoria or Brooklyn, we can insert your instructor into one of our 3D/4K virtual sets.  Some examples can be seen here.  But our visual artists can create anything you can imagine and brand it to your specifications.

But, if that is not practical, we can do a 100% Virtual Live Streaming experience as we are now doing with top yoga and dance studios.

We can send a high-end professional camera/microphone package directly to your instructor and walk him/her through the set up procedure.

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 11

Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Boxing, Gymnastics or Dance Instructor/Trainer

If your Sensei or boxing instructor can come to our Manhattan, Brooklyn or Astoria based studios we can set them in a 4K, 3D Virtual Dojo, Gym, Boxing Ring, etc.

Click here to see the technology in action.

We have cutting-edge tech that enables a person or persons to move about in a 4K virtual Green Screen space with live capture and digital compositing in real time.  This is not your father’s Green Screen.  Our studio was just upgraded from 1080p to full Multi-Camera 4K for the production of the high-end big screen video presentation for the new Universal Studios’ billion dollar plus ride in Orlando.  It’s way cool tech!

If you can travel to our studios, which adhere to the new ESP (Extreme Sanitary Protocol) standard guidelines – total wipe down before clients arrive, gloves, masks, social distancing, minimal crew and clients, great!

However, we can also do a 100% virtual event from your instructor’s home.  We can include pre-recorded video, graphics, lower thirds, closed captioning for the hearing impaired, etc.  There are no limits – we remain calm and confront any challenge with the assurance that we can do it!

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 12

Online Marketer, Sales Person

We have a  strategic relationshup with The Phoenix Group, national leaders with years of professional experience with Enterprise Level Zoom Live Streaming.  This enables our clients, who may be frustrated when trying on their own, to set up a cost-effective, customized Zoom account and solution.  It can be done easily and stress-free with us.

We can get you set up and started with the appropriate license with Zoom and walk you through it, customize the software to maximize your viewers’ experience and minimize your time and expense.

Everybody wants Zoom these days.  So it makes sense that there is a good bit of frustration when trying to thread the needle, getting set up with just the right package for your needs.  We can help!

Some of our clients have had a hard time just getting them on the phone.

That problem will be solved.  Our clients need help now, not in 6 months or a year.

Call 917-414-5489

To learn more about how we can meet your individual needs  please call me, Bill Milling, or email me at:  [email protected].

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7.Standard WebCast / Live Streaming Video Production

Live Streaming Video Conference / WebCasting Live Streaming Service

The American Movie Company is a recognized leader in WebCasting

aka Multi-Camera Live Streaming Video Production.

Click here for much more information, product reel and client satisfaction reviews.

We have the highest number of  Five Star Google ratings of any of our competitors.

We have twenty-five WebCasting stages available in the New York, Philadelphia, Hartford, Metropolitan area. Each stage has Green Screen/White Cyc and bandwidth available to do reliable streaming.

But most of our standard WebCasting is on location at corporate offices, and live events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sports competitions, Houses of Worship, red carpets, high school and college performing arts competitions, etc.

If you are in need of any of the traditional WebCasting services contact me directly.

Bill Milling at; 917-414-5489 or send an email detailing your needs to: Bill

google reviews [grw place_photo="" place_name="American Movie Company" place_id="ChIJcR86oSBawokRn5Uz09R7WyA" title="Google Reviews" pagination="0" text_size="120" refresh_reviews=true hide_reviews=true lazy_load_img=true reduce_avatars_size=true open_link=true nofollow_link=true]
Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 2

8.Virtual Town Halls | Virtual TED Talk Event

Live Streaming Video Conference TED TALKS and Town Halls
We are experienced in Multi-Camera Live Streaming of actual Town Halls and TED Talk-type events.

But these days, travel is wisely restricted and group meetings are likewise limited and dangerous.  We must all exercise caution.

So we have available an Enterprise Version of Zoom (Zoom, as you may know, is one of the most professional streaming platforms in the world.)  We partnered with The Phoenix Group who specializes in working with large and small companies to take their presentations virtual.  They use their longstanding professional expertise with the Enterprise level of Zoom to enable them to totally customize the platform for each client’s individual needs and budget.


Now, we can also provide a solution in which one or two presenters use our Green Screen Studios to Stream in a photo-realistic 3D/4K virtual set.  This could be a TED Talk-type stage with, perhaps, a huge video wall behind the speaker. This cutting-edge technology would also allow the Town Hall type of WebCast to look like professional, realistic programs on CNN, NBC, et al.  This is a major upscale boost in the visual experience, but can work only if the major presenter(s) can physically come to our Manhattan or Astoria studios.

To get an idea about this cutting-edge technology click here.

We recently upgraded our gear from 1080p HD to true 4K Live Compositing with a moving camera on Green Screen.  This real time compositing with camera/jib moves, it is not the older system of post-production with camera-match move.

Call us at: 917-414-5489

Email us at: [email protected]

9. Virtual Church, Synagogue or Mosque Services

Live Streaming video Conference Church and Religious events
Your congregants need you now more than ever.

But you must think of the body as well as the spirit.

This is a time of great uncertainty.

As much as the faithful desire to come together to join in prayer, it is still dangerous and in some places temporarily illegal.

So, you must reach out and go to them in the safety of their homes.

We can  help you do this stress-free with minimal technical knowledge.

We partnered with the Phoenix Group who are experts in Enterprise Level Zoom implementation and tech support.

These days there is a huge rush to embrace Zoom.

Zoom is a major virtual meeting platform which has all the tools to create efficient, affordable methods to reach your congregants virtually.

But Zoom is overwhelmed.  Some people complain they can’t even get them on the phone.

We can get you set up and online live with our personal tech support and guide you through the process of getting reconnected with your flock. 

We can mail/FedEx you a high quality but easy to use camera and microphone setup.

You can then deliver your sermon directly from your House of Worship or even from your home, in total safety.

You may wish to ask for donations or even offer your service on a Pay Per View basis.

Call Bill Milling at: 917-414-5489 for details.

Let the faithful know you have not abandoned them now when they need you most.

Blessings upon all.

10.Green Screen Studios Now Open & Using ESP (Extreme Sanitary Protocols)

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 15
We have some twenty-five Green Screen/White Cyc Studios in the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Hartford Metropolitan Area

They are all capable of handling a professional multi-camera WebCast.

Our Soho Studio and Astoria Prime Stage are three walled Green Screen Studios (Soho has a connected  control room with window to the stage with a dedicated Ultimatte.  The Astoria stage is even more high tech-equipped with an enhanced jib tracking system which can insert your talent into 4K virtual sets with live camera motion.  Both studios are well equipped for Live Streaming and on site Ultimatte for totally professional, and the highest quality virtual set integration.

Our Brooklyn Prime Studios have ten available stages of varying sizes and prices to fit the widest variety of needs and budgets.

Chelsea East is a small but very affordable loft/studio space.  Chelsea South and Chelsea Nomad are larger and regularly cater to very upscale productions and star talent.

Please call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489 with your WebCasting or available studio requirements.  I will guide you to make a good choice.

The Extreme Sanitary Protocol is a pledge by the studio to scrub every surface, C Stand, light fixture, door handle, indeed, every exposed surface will be cleaned before clients enter.  And, further, we assure you that their staff will be kept to an absolute minimum and will wear protective gloves and masks and respect social distance.

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 16

Virtual Event Services

  • Video conference 24/7 ongoing support
  • $75 one time startup fee per user to get you fully up and running and comfortable with the platform!
  • $39.99/ month for your Zoom License – we will make sure you are always up to date with the latest Zoom software and updates and support
  • $59.99/Month high touch VIP support for executives who have busy schedules and may be traveling –24/7 support
  • *** Additional services are available***
Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 17

24/7 Full Tech Support

  • Our Live Support Tech will help you set up your virtual event.  He/she will be with you for the entire set up process.
  • We will be there to help you customize your virtua; event.
  • We will give you expert, experienced  guidance on how to make the event:
    • Easy for your staff to join in and make thioer maximum, effective presence felt.
    • Easily available to your contacts.
    • Pay Per View should wish.
    • Structure as a fund raising event.
    • Reinforce your brand.
    • Incorporate PowerPoint/Keynote
    • Insert videos and graphics
    • “Lower Thirds” i client’s brand font and color
    • Mulkti-camera presentation
Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 18

Best Deal

  • 1 on 1 meeting from $250
  • 5 person stand up from $600
  • Keynote address from $1,000
  • Fireside Chat from $1,200
  • Panel Discussion from $1,500
  • Add an additional speaker to any meeting for $100
  • Add an additional streaming service for $200
  • Add recording for $500
  • Add a high-end camera / Microphone  $135
  • Prices below for in studio WebCast only
  • Studio for in person Webcast $1500 /$2000 10 hr day
  • Professional Flypack with Certified Operator $1895 day

Live Streaming Video Conference

Zoom Integration

Let’s talk for a minute about your large events.

Town halls, Keynotes, Campaign Rallies, and Trade Shows.

While these types of meetings are essential to drive business forward, they are direct contributors to what can escalate COVID-19 currently. Many businesses are closing their doors, some for good. With our management and technology, we can drive your message to your clients in a Virtual Keynote, Town Hall or Panel Style event, all without leaving your home or office.

We can Stream your address, remarks or panel directly to Facebook, YouTube or your corporate internet powered by our video conference technology and our own backend monitoring solutions.

Live Streaming Video Conference

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 19


One time startup fee per user to get you fully up and running and comfortable with the platform!

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 20


A month for your Zoom License 

We will make sure you are always up-to-date with the latest Zoom software updates and support.

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 21


A month high touch VIP support for executives who have busy schedules and may be travelling 

24/7 support

YouTube Channel Basic Set-up

Creating an Official Channel for Your Event

We’ll help you create a YouTube channel so you can reach audiences that can no longer attend your events in person.

Follow the steps below to get your channel up and running. With a Google account, you can watch and like videos and subscribe to channels. However, without a YouTube channel, you have no public presence on YouTube. Even if you have a Google account, you need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or make playlists.

Use a computer or the YouTube mobile site to create a new channel.

● Sign in to YouTube on a computer or using the mobile site.

● Try any action that requires a channel, such as uploading a video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist.

● If you don’t yet have a channel, you’ll see a prompt to create a channel.

● Check the details (with your Google account name and photo) and confirm to create your new channel. Follow these instructions to create a channel that can have multiple managers or owners. You can use a Brand Account to create a channel that has a different name but that’s still managed from your Google account. Learn more about Brand Accounts.

● Sign in to YouTube on a computer or using the mobile site.

● Go to your channel list.

● Choose to create a new channel or use an existing Brand Account:

○ Create a new channel by clicking Create a new channel.

○ Create a YouTube channel for a Brand Account that you already manage by choosing the Brand Account from the list. If this Brand Account already has a channel, you can’t create a new one—you’ll just be switched over to that channel if you select the Brand Account from the list.

● Fill out the details to name your new channel and verify your account. Then, click Done. This creates a new Brand Account.

● To add a channel manager, follow the instructions to change channel owners and managers.

Discover The Top 10 Things You Need To Engage Large Groups in Live Streaming Video Conferences 22

We Will Assist You In Creating  a Schedule & Strategy

It is important to create a schedule and strategy around how and when you incorporate live onto your channel. Here are ways we help you optimize a live moment on YouTube.

  • ● Schedule your live stream in advance of your stream date.
  • ● Consistently tease your event with custom posts for social media and the Community tab.
    • ○ To unlock the Community tab you will need 1,000 subscribers.
    • ○ Learn more: Interact with audiences with Community post.
  • ● Promote your upcoming event across social and the Community tab.
  • ● Remind viewers to hit the “Set Reminder” bell.
  • ● After your stream, consider creating a highlight video to drive core audiences to the full archived live stream.

Highlight & Hype After Your Live Stream

We will help you expand your content’s reach by continuing to promote and feature your live moments.

  • ● Create highlights: Consider editing down some of your best live moments into more digestible highlight reels to reach a wider audience. These broadly appealing videos can act as an anchor to expose new audiences to your live streams.
  • ● Continue the hype: After the stream, create FOMO and reward viewers in attendance with recaps, inside jokes, or shout outs on the Community tab or other social platforms. Continued references to streamed moments creates incentives for viewers to be present while you are live. Make your archived live streams easy to find
  • ● Consider creating playlists for each of your archived streams, by event or topic, in a fashion that makes the most sense for your audience.
  • ● Place these playlists on your channel homepage and promote them in highlight clips from each of the streams.
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