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Live Streaming for Weddings 

Sharing that special day with loved ones, no matter where they are, is easier than ever with HD Video Live Streaming for weddings. American Movie Company offers WebCasting packages customized to your event’s needs. With our TVU Bonded Celular solution WiFi is no problem so you can go ahead and have that destination wedding of your dreams and Live Stream it for those who can’t make it. 

Live Streaming for Weddings

Happy Endings for Wedding Crises

A recently engaged couple suddenly learned they only had two weeks to plan their wedding before the groom needed to start treatment for brain cancer. On such short notice, how could all of their family and friends be included in the ceremony they would cherish forever?

Another couple had saved up for years to declare their vows while barefoot on a white sand beach in Zanzibar just as the sun dipped into the sea. But few of their loved ones could afford to join them halfway around the world. How could they share this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

 Or what happened when the bride’s maid of honor in Texas had a house fire that prevented her from traveling to the wedding in Colorado? Or when right before the wedding, another bride’s brother was shipped off with his Army unit to Iraq?

Live Streaming not only saved the day, it created a lasting tribute for all to enjoy long after the last sip of champagne

Live Streaming for Weddings

It’s Murphy’s Law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but for each of these potential wedding disasters, Live Streaming not only saved the day, it created a lasting tribute for all to enjoy long after the last sip of champagne.

Just as live streaming brought the British royal family weddings of Kate Middleton and Prince William and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry into tens of millions of homes around the globe, it brought together the loved ones in the stories above.


Remote guests can also enjoy an extra perk of live stream attendance at a wedding: tweeting comments in real time. A friend of the couple with the sick groom, who was unable to fly out to Minnesota in time for their wedding, described how she enjoyed the freedom of watching the live stream from her home in Brooklyn. “When you’re sitting there in a church, you’re quiet for the hour,” she explained. “When you’re able to live-tweet, you can say whatever you want.

You’re right there with them and can share your thoughts with them. It feels like you’re part of that event though you’re miles away.

 Live Stream to the platform of your choice, private or public. Live Streaming and saving the Live Video is also the perfect keepsake for wedding guests. 


And with a bit more advance planning and cost, it’s even possible to open two-way communication for remote guests to speak during the ceremony, or give toasts at the reception. That is, if the newlyweds, guests at the venue, and those watching from home are willing to risk being observed live on camera once the party starts swinging.

Live streaming made it possible for the bride’s brother in Iraq to watch his sister get married. The maid of honor stuck in Texas could still feel a part of her best friend’s wedding, as did another friend of that bride who watched the live stream with her toddler in her lap. “I cried as if I was actually at the wedding.”

WebCasting Weddings and other special moments deserve the attention of everyone who loves you.


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