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vMIX 23's latest version

As of my most recent update in September 2021, vMix 23 was the most current version. The most up-to-date instructions are in the official vMix documentation or user guides. Nevertheless, the general procedure for installing a custom virtual set in vMix should be consistent between versions. Here is a detailed guide:


Prepare the Virtual Set: Create or acquire the desired custom virtual set before installing it. Ensure it is compatible with vMix and in a format the software supports.

Open vMix: Launch vMix on your computer.


Add Input: In vMix, each virtual set element (e.g., backgrounds, overlays, and foregrounds) is treated as a separate input. So, to install your custom virtual set, you’ll need to add each component as an individual input.


Add Image Inputs: Virtual sets typically contain static images. To add a static image to vMix, click the “Add Input” button (plus sign) in the interface’s lower left corner. Then, select “Image” from the available input types. Add one image from the location of your custom virtual set’s appearances at a time.


Position and Layer Inputs: Once you have added the individual elements of your virtual set (backgrounds, overlays), you must position and layer them appropriately. To accomplish this, click and drag each input in the Preview or Output window to the desired location. Additionally, you can use the input’s settings to modify its opacity, scale, and other properties.


Save the Virtual Set: Once all the elements have been arranged and configured, the virtual set configuration can be saved as a “Multi-View Preset” in vMix. It will allow you to load the virtual set into future projects without recreating it.


Backup Custom Virtual Set Files: It’s a good idea to back up the custom virtual set files separately to avoid losing them if vMix or your computer encounters problems.

Remember that this guide is for vMix 23 and that the procedure may vary slightly in subsequent versions. Refer to the official vMix documentation or user guides at all times for the most accurate and current instructions.

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