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How To Get Work In Film & Video 1

 How To Get Work in Film & Video


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How To Get Work In Film & Video 2

Best Way To Get Work In Film & TV

Check The Video Below: Ten Tips To Start Your Own Video Production Business

How To Become a Successful Freelance Videographer

How To Become a Successful Freelance Video Editor



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Three Best Ways To Break Into the Film & TV Business.

  1. This is, in my opinion, the single most effective way to get started.  Either from your acquaintances or form a social media site such as LinkedIn get in contact with an established production person.  Best choice is someone who has experience in the area of film/Video production you are most interested in pursuing.  This could be a: Videographer, Gaffer, Sound Recordist, et al.   Then offer to work as an unpaid assistant.  It helps if you rey to learn as much as possible about the area of expertise as possible before contacting.  You can do this doem books, YouTube, videos, etc.  A variation of this techniques is to contact a local Tv Studio or soundstage and ask for the studio manager.   Again,  offer to work for free helping out with everything.     It makes sense to look at as many how to videos on Yioutube, or LinkedIn Learning, etc as you can so you as mcuh as possible about gear, set etiquette as you can.
  2. Network with everyone you meet in the business and give them a nicely printed business call card which  announces that you are a professional Production Assistant.
  3. Go to film school.   This clearly the most expensive option and  will give you a start on a resume as well as networking possibilities.  But you will be networking with your competitors so you still should explore #1 & 2 above.
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