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Watch Out: A New Movie Studio is Coming to Astoria. 


Find out more about Robert De Niro’s New Movie Studio in Astoria, Queens

NYC has given De Niro the approval for the building of a new huge movie studio in Queens. The production hub will start construction soon after the final green light from the city.

Robert De Niro’s new state-of-the-art film studio will soon rise in the historical industrial area of Ditmars Steinway.   The building itself is set to be a work of art, designed by a famous architect.

The “Wildflower Studios” Production building is set to be built on 35-15 19th Ave. Near the Steinway piano factory, and also near our very own Astoria Prime Studios. You can book our virtual studio in Astoria, at a competitive price for your next production.

This will be a $600 million dollar project backed by De Niro himself, a famous actor who needs no introduction, as you already know, but also a prolific business man in NYC.  It will be seven stories high and full of possibilities for new movie and TV productions in New York City.

Interestingly enough, according to purchase records, the Studio is being built in a parking lot, that De Niro’s son purchased for $72 million in 2019.

The building is coming up quickly,  it’s set to be completed by late 2023. It will house 11 sound stages, and since it’s surrounded by other production facilities, like our Astoria Green Screen Stage, this is set to make up a Video Village in Queens.

Additionally, they’re also building a waterfront promenade along Luyster Creek as part of the ambitious project, but we don’t know when it’s set to be completed. 

We are super excited to be part of the growing Film Production circuit happening in Queens!

Robert De Niro’s New Film Studio will be 135 feet tall, and it will house cafes, offices, lounges and 150,000 square feet of Solar panels. I’m glad that energy efficiency is included in the plans. 

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