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Proven effective film/video blocking techniques that innovative directors use to create memorable scenes.

 The Basics of Film/Video Blocking

How Kubrick, Spielberg, and Inarritu stage their scenes.

In these videos you will learn how to best position your actors to create a dynamic scene.

The basic concept of watching two people having a conversation seems at first glance totally boring. We see it every day around us and it is, essentially, unexciting.

But, how do master storytellers handle the simple concept of two people having a conversation? 

How have countless great directors figured out so many creative ways to make those conversations exciting?

They often start with film blocking. It is the “precise staging of actors in a scene”.

In a film setting, it refers to where you position the performers in the frame.  But it’s a lot more than where they stand or sit. The placement and dynamics of how they move and interact convey the mood and tone you wish to set.  

We use creative blocking techniques and mis-en-scene to show you how to improve your effectiveness as a director.

We’ll utilize elements of film theory and criticism, as well as practical “common sense” to demonstrate how you can get the most out of your performers.

The video teaches the proper use of space, shapes and lines in understanding the most effective ways to block a scene. You will learn to incorporate the most visually dynamic methods to block a scene the way top directors do.

Check our this free worksheet with valuable blocking info:

Film Blocking: How Kubrick, Spielberg, And Inarritu Stage Their Scenes

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