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Elon Musk At It Again! 


Elon Musk promised Tesla would soon have a million-mile battery, more than double what drivers can expect today. 

This past Spring, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be able to power its electric car for more than a million miles. But, there were doubts, of course. A million miles is more than double the durability of their electric car battery now, which is already way beyond the range of other Electric Vehicle batteries on the market. As you might already know, this dude has been iffy with his promises in recent years. It seems a bit much but this time it’s for real (at least that’s what it looks like). A recent paper suggests that Elon Musk is not embellishing this new feat for Tesla at all, they’re really out there working this out.

We’ve had Elon Musk in sight for some time now. Here’s an article about Elon Musk’s plans to merge human brains with artificial intelligence. I mean you gotta give it to him, the guy has some thought-provoking plans! That’s why we’re all skeptical on this one, right?

Elon Musk

Earlier this September a group of battery researchers at Dalhousie University published a paper in The Journal of the Electrochemical Society describing a lithium-ion battery that should be able to power an electric vehicle for over a million miles, while not even losing 10% of its capacity during a lifetime. Think about it, an everlasting battery for your Tesla, so you don’t have to spend money on another battery ever again. Must be nice to own a Tesla!

What’s interesting is that the Dalhousie bunch (the researchers, I mean) led by one of the world’s most prominent lithium-ion researchers, physicist Jeff Dahn, they don’t consider these results as a breakthrough. Rather they consider it a benchmark for other battery researchers and they are not stingy with the details. Funny, because the Dalhousie Group has an exclusive agreement with Tesla and some of us capitalists would think that Tesla wouldn’t want to put their secret formula out for their competitors to steal it. 

“Full details of these cells, including electrode compositions, electrode loadings, electrolyte compositions, additives used, etc. have been provided,” Dahn and his colleagues wrote in the paper. “This has been done so that others can recreate these cells and use them as benchmarks for their own R+D efforts.”

The researchers also noted that their battery could be especially useful for self-driving robo-taxis and long-haul electric trucks, two products Tesla is developing. But, can you see that perhaps Tesla needs more competitors with similar capabilities to grow their market? Perhaps, save the planet. I heard somewhere that electric cars were better for the environment and as a young person that’s where my thoughts went naturally. Can we make electric cars cheaper and out of renewable resources?  Is this what Tesla is doing, or am I just looking for anything to restore my belief, at this point? Is Elon Musk the Superhero who’s gonna lead his army of nerds to save the earth? I am a hopeful.


Just days after the publication of the benchmark paper, Tesla and Dahn were awarded a patent that described a single-crystal lithium-ion battery almost identical to the batteries described in the paper. The patented battery includes an electrolyte additive called ODTO that the patent claims can “enhance performance and lifetime of Li-ion batteries, while reducing costs.”

It’s not certain that the battery described in the patent is the million-mile battery that Musk said would enter production next year, and neither Tesla nor Dahn are talking. But it’s a safe bet that Tesla has the good stuff.

Breaking! Tesla Is Making a Battery That Can Last a Million Miles: Take That, Duracell Bunny!!

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