With the approach of the Oscars (the 89th Academy Awards) the AMC office staff decided to engage in a friendly competition. Parm, Carm and, I, Elle each filled out two Oscar ballots: one reflected the films each hoped would win, and the other had our actual predictions. Each correct prediction earned a full point, and each correct hope earned a half-point.

Without further ado, here are AMC’s Oscar predictions!


In a surprise victory (she was surprised, we weren’t!), Parm was the clear winner with 13 points!






I (Elle) came in second with 11.5 points and Carmen (not pictured) got a mere 7 points.








Upon accepting the award for Best Predictor, Parm gave the following speech: “I would like to thank my mom, my friends, and definitely not Elle.”


Congratulations, Parm!


Parm wins Oscar Office Ballot

Parm elated at being the winner!




A good time was had by all!

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