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           The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Vegas this past week, showcasing over 4,500 tech vendors to around 180,000 international visitors, which meant a lot of technological eye-candy that left us drooling. Below is a list of the top 5 products that caught our eye at CES 2019!

5 Products That Blew Our Minds at CES 2019! 1

1. HTC Vive Pro Eye

The virtual reality realm is getting a boost with HTC’s recently announced Vive Pro Eye. The product claims to have built in eye-tracking that will enhance the realism of virtual reality. It will also give the user the ability to have a hand-free VR experience, which opens the market to those unable to use the hand-held controllers. The product uses “foveated rendering”, which basically means it mimics the function of the eyes to provide sharper imaging to where the eye is focused, while leaving the peripheral unfocused, as the eye does in real life. These improvements in VR technology are bringing us closer and closer to an ever more accurate fabricated reality.

5 Products That Blew Our Minds at CES 2019! 2

2. Hupnos antisnoring sleep mask

Couples around the globe will finally rejoice, as their late night worries have found a resolution: The Hupnos anti-snoring mask. The mask is placed across the face and nose, and works by measuring the user’s breathing and snores. If it feels as though it’s detecting snoring patterns, it vibrates to shift the user into a different position. Then it applies pressure to slow your exhale and open up the breathing airways. If all else fails, it covers the user’s ability to see their partner glaring at them from the other side of the bed. 

3. Hyundai Elevate:

Hyundai basically announced plans to create its very own Walking Car: The Hyundai Elevate. The car was revealed at CES as an effort to aid emergency efforts in areas that are difficult to navigate for first responders. The car has two walking modes: reptilian and mammalian mode. Reptilian mode allows the car to mimic the movements of a lizard with wide low robotic legs, while mammalian mode replicates a heavier mammal’s (i.e bear or lion) crawl. Although there are no plans to release the car any time soon, it does seem eerie to think a car could one day imitate the look and movement of a real-life animal. 

4. Sharp’s 8k Camera

Sharp displayed an exciting prototype of a consumer-friendly 8k Camera that will come at a decently affordable price (under $5000), when eventually released. Although Sharp isn’t well known for its stake in the camera world, the potential release of an affordable 8k camera may put them in the running. The camera’s specs have not been firmed but physically the camera should be light and easy to carry around. It’s definetly an exciting developement in the camera department for the average user! 

5 Products That Blew Our Minds at CES 2019! 3

5. Bell Nexus’s Air Taxi

Bell Nexus unveiled an impressive new project at CES 2019, the Air Taxi. The company, that has many years of experience in the aerospace field, displayed the non-operation vehicle at the show, with plans to put it into production by 2023. The company has also partnered up with popular taxi-app Uber to host the eventual flying cars as a service. One must wonder if this will ease or even further complicate the ability to request a reliable Uber ride in the city. 

It’s an exciting year for upcoming technology, as can be seen by the handful of amazing products we’ve seen come out of CES 2019! We can’t wait to see which of these products truly come to fruition this year!

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