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Making Music Videos That Excite Your Fans

Ten Best Things To Consider Before You Make Your Music Video

Producing the Highest Quality Music Video at the Lowest Cost


To begin, this “list” is not exhaustive.  In other words, there are so may things to consider when creating an artistic piece that also must be commercial, that the number ten doesn’t even begin to cover it all, to be complete.

Ten Top Tips To Create a Killer Music Video is merely a starting point

And, of course, you should know that this is not a “check list”.  You should not go down the page and incorporate every idea as if it were some kind of commandment.  These are suggestions based on our observation of what hundreds of musical artists did in creating both great videos and those which, frankly, sucked. (Excuse the vernacular).


First, of course, you need to start with the music and lyrics.


No point in wasting your time and money on a poorly written, poorly produced song. 

Think of it as the valuable contents of a Tiffany box.   

One step at a time. Get honest feedback from those in the business before you lay down the first track. 

Get it produced by the best people you can find.  

It is all about the music.


1.  First, of course, the music is of paramount importance.  We are all aware that you’ve spent a long time, maybe even years creating it.


I am assuming here that you come to us with a finished product and want to make a music video.

We are fully equipped to bring your vision to your fans and discover others by sharing your creation.

2.  Once you have the best possible track produced to your satisfaction you need to make a very basic choice:


Shoot on location?

Shoot in the studio?

Why not both?

Shooting outdoors  is a great way to save money.  Clearly the freedom you have at really interesting locations invaluable.  However, you have total control in the studio.  You can shoot using Green Screen, which allows you to have many different backgrounds in safety.

The studio protects you from adverse weather conditions and saves you the time moving from location to location.

3.  Are you the sole performer or do you want backup singers or dancers?

If you do want others sharing the spotlight, you need to ensure that you and not they are the main focus of attention.

This is not being narcissistic.  Your video is a sales tool and your are spending good time and money on selling yourself.

You need to balance that with the fact that often on a lower budget video the only reason a backup singer or dancer will donate their time is  if they have a video in the end that showcases their talent.

4.  Hiring a great Director of Photography


Selecting a DP who is also a cameraman is one of the most important decisions you will make.

He or she will create the lighting which will make you look like a star.  Attention will be paid to the framing, the color palate, the basic look and feel of the whole video. 

Don’t make this decision lightly.  Go for an experienced music video cinematographer. 

At the American Movie Company you can’t lose.  They are experts in all areas of filmmaking.

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