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EyeDirect Rental
NYC & Worldwide

The most portable interview helper on the market.

  • Requires no operator
  • Requires no power
  • Ships worldwide
  • Very portable

EyeDirect Rental Rate: $250/Day

What is an EyeDirect?

The EyeDirect is the most powerful, portable tool for your on-camera interviews on the market.

  • It fits into a small, 30 pound, Pelican case and can easily be shipped worldwide.
  • Ships with simple assembly instructions and instructive video.
  • Uses a mirror system.
  • Does not require an operator.
  • Does not require power
  • It can function as a teleprompter (with the addition of an iPad or any tablet). The EyeDirect is a portable, durable on-camera interview tool that can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The EyeDirect is a simple, versatile, Interrotron alternative.

Using only mirrors, this device allows talent to stare at the face of the director and into the camera simultaneously. We have found that children and untrained talent respond better to the EyeDirect than to other typical interview formats. While many directors use the Interrotron while shooting in studios, the EyeDirect is optimal for on-camera interviews on the go. To reiterate: We ship the EyeDirect worldwide. It requires no power, no operators, fits inside a Pelican Case, and features easy assembly. With an iPad or tablet, an EyeDirect can easily function as a teleprompter.

How Does the EyeDirect Work?

The EyeDirect is most suitable for direct-to-camera interviews. The EyeDirect setup is a combination of mirror and beam splitter design to make the subject and the director or interviewer have a “face-to-face” conversation even with a camera between them. eyedirect rental - EYEDIRECT WITH SUBJECT’S FACE

The subject can see the director’s face, and vice versa. The director or interviewer is able to read the facial expression of the subject and he/she can see the person in charge as well.

The result of this interaction is a genuine, dynamic, personal interview. The audience is lured into their world given the authentic, intimate communication between them. The successful outcome of the production is assured.

Guaranteed Eye Contact

The success of an interview depends largely on the rapport established between the interviewer and the subject.

It is a known fact that eye contact is of utmost importance. It is not an easy feat at times if you are dealing with someone who is inexperienced or camera shy.

Using the EyeDirect eliminates this possible problem. Given its setup, it creates a natural setting conducive to a relaxing interchange. The subject, be it an adult or a child lets go of nerves and looks directly at the camera lens and sees the interviewer’s friendly face. A sense of ease and trust is shared. That’s what we call a real human connection! The director or interviewer has the added advantage of being able to read the body language of its talent. Again, the direct line of communication is unbroken.

The EyeDirect is the perfect tool for interviews.

EyeDirect frequently asked questions:

How big is the (camera lens) hood opening?
The EyeDirect has a 140-millimeter hood opening, making it compatible with virtually all professional cine zoom lenses. You can use a lens with a larger front element if you do not need the lens to “slide into the box.

Can a single director/camera operator shoot and interview at the same time with an EyeDirect?
Yes. This unit works on either side of the camera. You can set the mirror to keep your eye next to the camera eyepiece. It takes some practice but this unit is designed to accommodate this.

Can the EyeDirect act as a Teleprompter/Autocue?
Yes, you can easily use this unit as a Teleprompter. It features a built-in mount that accommodates a full-size tablet. With the included Teleprompter software, you can use the EyeDirect as a Teleprompter/Autocue.

(Note: the software on the iPad or Android tablet is not as fully featured as that of our Standard Teleprompters.)

Can the EyeDirect cover multiple people in the same shot?
Yes. Even a small group of people can be stationed to look directly into the camera lens. The EyeDirect has a point of interest that captures their attention.

Does the EyeDirect require electricity?
No, the EyeDirect uses a mirror system that does not require power. The unit may be used anywhere.

Can the EyeDirect be shipped?
Yes, we ship the unit worldwide. (Available in New York, Miami and Los Angeles for pickup/return).

What is the cost?
EyeDirect Rental Rate: $250/Day – $750 per week.

Feel free to call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489 for further information.

Photo of our EyeDirect Interrotron in action. - EyeDirect Rental NYC
Photo of our EyeDirect Interrotron in action.

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by | Apr 21, 2016

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