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Acting for the Camera, kissing couple

Acting for the Camera

Candice Rankin Speech Coach

Candice Rankin Speech Coach

By Candice Rankin, Executive Speech Coach


The following tips may seem obvious to some, but, believe me, they are worth remembering.

  •  Rehearse in front of the mirror prior to shooting so that not only will you check how you look but most important how you sound.
  •  Watch videos of professional speakers. Become familiar with their style.  You may pick up some pointers which will be useful.
  •  Keep your clothing simple, subtle, and without patterns.  Bright colors and whites do not work well on camera.  Muted colors, such as deep blue work best.
  •  The makeup should be well done – without black circles under the eyes or other imperfections.  Your makeup should be understated not aggressive.  Use powder to avoid oily skin which could reflect green.
  •   Make sure your hair style is presentable and appropriate for the project.
  •  Come to the studio before call time. It will give you a chance to relax and become familiar with the environment and, of course, give you time to prepare.
  •  Your voice should be clear, and seem to flow effortlessly.
  •  Do not use long, rambling sentences in your speech. Be sure to pause for punctuation.
  •  Emphasize the most important parts of your text by altering the tone of your voice.
Studio Green Screen

Studio Green Screen 


  •  Do not try to memorize the text – the teleprompter is there to guide you.  Beforehand, give yourself time to practice reading the script on the teleprompter until you feel comfortable with it.
  • Practice in front of a green screen.  (I know not everyone will have access to it).
  •  Avoid “ummmmmm” and repeated words in your speech.
  •  Do not try to be overly dramatic – act naturally.  Imagine the camera is your best friend.
  •  Try to be relaxed and confident.
  •  Smile! It’s an easy way to connect with your audience.

How to Act on Camera … It Can Be Learned!

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