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Although Apple has lost its position as the most “valuable company” in the world, and J.J. Abrams was named the new director of the next series of Disney produced STAR WARS films, there are new stars on the rise here at AMC!
In AMC Teleprompter World, we were privileged to watch a young politician, the new mayor of Riverside, CA, Rusty Bailey, give his recent “State of the City” speech using our very own AMC Presidential Teleprompter.

Not only did the mayor take to the teleprompter like a duck to water, he often showed incredible poise and emotion bringing the audience to attention with his connecting ability.  Part of the mayor’s joy was to remember that in 2012, Riverside was named the recipient of the heralded “Intelligent City” award. The only other American city to win this award was NYC just a few short years ago.  Riverside stands tall!

Helping a hometown politician capture his audience was a privilege and an honor.  We look forward to serving more hometown success stories as well as national success stories with our AMC Teleprompters  paving the way for clearer communication with audiences in 2013!

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