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Music Video Editing $49 Hour

Highly creative music video editing


Join Vanessa Ramirez and dozens of others who lit their singing career on fire by creating their first music video and blasting it all over social media.

This offer only good your your first music video.

Any style,  Rap, Pop, Country… Any mood.  We’ll follow your lead and make it work.

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Color Correction with Award Winning DaVinci Resolve

Expert collor correction to make ech shot whork perfectly wirh your vision.  Perhaps deeply saturate colr, or stark black & white.  Our color correcting artist will bring out the best posible version of your artistic vision.


We use Cinema 4D to create amazing backgrounds fo your video.

Web Design

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Adobe Premiere

Award winning Adobe Premiere intigrates perfictly with Photoshop and DiVince Color Correction to get your music video looking great in the shortest amount of time.  So you get a better peoduct, faster and at less cost.

Adobe Photoshop

Industry Standard Adobe Photoshop

We can intrigate still images into your video and create a photomontage for a striking series of cool visual effects,


Our artists can create award winning graphics to add interesting titles and other elements to the video.

After Effects

After Effects is an extreemly powwrfull moving image manipulation application that can make the diffetence between an ordinary and extroadinary music video.

Let US Bring Your Musical Vision To Life

You have written a beautiful song.  You practived hard to sing it perfectly.  Now is the time to get it on video and show it to the world.  

A big part of the effectiveness of a music video, perhaps more than a commercial (which is structured video) or a documentary (again stuructured much differently) is very creative editing.  It is not your standatd cuttng room techniques.  It is not “by the book” . it sheer off the wall creative talent.  


Giveus a chnce to show you one we can do with this one time offer.



Live Your Dream

Become a Star

Build Your Singing Career

They asay you only have one chance to make a first imopression.

So make your first impressioin a totaly professional one.  The best possible version of you and your talent.

Call us to produce your music video.  Prices start at $1495 for a complete video including editing and color correction.


Take Center Stage


$1495  complete music video

production including editing

and color correction

“I finally got my music video produced!

At last I have a professional music video ready to show the world. To post on YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook and all social media.


I can now let the world see my talent!

$1495 Complete Music Video

$1495 offer only good for your fiest video.  We want to imoress you so we are making music video production affordable.

Yiou may also choose to sue a green screen stage to create stuiining visual backrounds.

Green Screen Stages Available

We have 25 green screen and white cyclorama stages available in the new York Metro Area.  Click on one of the two links below to see ahata available. 

Prices and available equipment or the studios vary.

Ready to get started?

Call Now 917-414-5489


Click one of the circles to the right to see our available green screen and white cyclorama music video stages.

Our editing team is also available for Documentary, Commercial, Feature and Short Form Social Media Video production.

Budget Music Video Production & Editing NYC

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