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Candice Rankin Speech Coach

Candice Rankin Speech Coach

For those of you who want to make films but are wondering what the best way to make great documentaries is, read on. The answer is simpler than you may think. When a film-maker decides to put together a good documentary, there are specific things that he needs to do and certain ways to make his film stand out in the crowd.

To begin with, the most important quality of a good documentary is the story it tells. You can’t make a film without a solid, gripping, engaging story and this is most often the story of a person, of his life and his legacy. Something needs to make your subject different and worth examining, so make sure you give your audience an amazing person’s tale.

Another very important quality for a noteworthy documentary is good editing. Interviews, stock footage, photos and any other available material needs to be put together in a skillful manner for the result to impress. There is a specific way that filmmakers are taught to do this is, but creativity is a must.

Also, make sure that your editing is flawless. Without good editing, your story will be lost, so ensure that you spend a lot of time in putting all the material together in a gripping way that will hook your audience’s attention and will keep them interested. There are specific tips you could have a look at, so read about this matter on film-making books and articles online.

Make sure you put everything together in an intelligent way. The material needs to flow naturally, so the editing has to be faultless. This is your chance to present a story and also state your case in a subtle way. For this to work and your documentary to succeed, ensure that your material is given in a persuasive way, without you or a narrator having to state what has not become obvious.

great documentaries are usually the ones that combine all the above qualities. Objectivity when approaching a strong and interesting subject is crucial in order to make an appealing but also

convincing film. Smart and concise editing is also a must.

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