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Best Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time!

Every year, football fans around the country gather in their living rooms, yelling obscenities at the television, while they watch their team either win or lose at the Super Bowl. However, for everyone else, the real entertainment value of the Super Bowl comes not...

Apple Joins the Streaming War in 2019!

        The rat race for top streaming service is on as Apple announced plans to join with their own contender. After the success that streaming services saw this year, both critically and in viewership numbers, Apple has hopped on the lucrative bandwagon with several...

“Bird Box”: Blindfolds On or Off?

         The end of the world is near and movie-goers are loving it.  Movies focused around the apocalypse are gaining almost as much popularity as the rom-com, which means audiences are loving watching different scenarios on how it might all go down.       ...

5 Products That Blew Our Minds at CES 2019!

           The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Vegas this past week, showcasing over 4,500 tech vendors to around 180,000 international visitors, which meant a lot of technological eye-candy that left us drooling. Below is a list of the top 5 products...

Did Live Streaming Kill the Music Festival Star?

              With the announcement of Coachella’s 2019 lineup, teenagers across the globe beginning to dig into their piggy banks to conjure up enough to cover the cost of the hefty entry wristband. It begs the question, does attending music festivals, in this...

AMC Celebrates the IAOTP Awards at the Plaza!

Saturday evening at Manhattan’s famed Plaza Hotel saw a fashionable and formally-dressed crowd mingling under the architecturally intricate arches of the hotel’s Grand Ballroom.  A stunning group of professionals were present for the prestigious International...

AMC Joins Cyndi Lauper & Friends at the Beacon Theater!

Cyndi Lauper held her seventh annual “Home for the Holidays” concert at the iconic Beacon Theater in New York. The benefit was established in 2011 to educate audiences about the pertinent issues surrounding the high volume of homeless among the LGBTQ youth. Proceeds...

Blondes Have More Fun!

The American Movie Company (AMC) team took a break from the arduous end-of-the-year grind to attend the Blonde+Co holiday party! AMC has worked closely with Blonde in the past year due to their immaculate and iconic studio space, which has been home to several beauty...

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