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By Candice Rankin

Executive Speech Coach / Speech Writer

Candice Rankin Speech Coach

Candice Rankin Speech Coach / Speech Writer

Wonder Woman is a significant superhero maintaining true with custom among comic book tradition, she’s been given super hero weapons & dress. There have been various contributors all through her comic book history and while her weaponry haven’t been changed her uses of them has.

The most respected tool she has is the Lasso of Truth. The Lasso of Truth does precisely what it sounds like it does. When anyone is ensnared with the Lasso they will be forced to be truthful as a result of The Lasso’s magical abilities. Very much like a lie detector in theory, The Lasso of Truth is a formidable weapon for Wonder Woman. She uses it to force her captives into carrying out what’s right, after being captured. It is also said that The Lasso may be lengthened to an infinite distance and is also practically unbreakable.

Another weapon of Wonder Woman’s is her magical bracelets. Instructed by the Goddess Aphrodite, they have been fashioned by the mythical Amazon Women of Paradise Island from an indestructible metal called Amazonium. Wonder Woman utilizes these bracelets to deflect bullets, energy weaponry, and all forms of assaults.

Much less is known on the subject of Wonder Woman’s tiara nonetheless it obviously possesses great strength and mystical properties. Wonder Woman throws the tiara like a boomerang with incredible precision blocking bullets or any other objects. She has also employed it as an airplane and flown on it. There were also cases of her using it as a dagger. The strength and sharpness of The Tiara is unknown however one account suggests that she was able to throw it and cut Superman.

Wonder Woman’s boots also possess her Amazonian strength as in one incident she was able to split a falling tree in two with a swift kick. The material used for the boots is unidentified however it is assumed that the material originates from her home of Paradise Island.

Over time Wonder Woman’s costume has gone through some alterations most notably during the last year. There was a TV show pilot launched having a total overhaul of her costume. The new costume featured a shimmering red top and bright blue pants and boot. The costume did not end up with good reviews, nor did the TV pilot which was cancelled after just one episode. In the comic book, Wonder Woman was given a brand new costume as well. She received a red and gold top, blue jacket and dark pants

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