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Live Streaming Video at Black Panther Society


Black Panther Fan Club WebCast

Hi, I’m Angela (AJ) Perez, WebCasting Specialist at The American Movie Company in NYC.

Tonight we were privileged to produce a three camera WebCast of the first meeting of the newly formed Black Panther Society.  The inspiration for the event was, of course, the amazing Black Panther film.

It has sparked long overdue conversations about a host of relevant topics, including but not limited to the Black experience in the U.S., to African Americans in the media, to stereotypes, to heroic archetypes, etc., etc.

The contributions to the discussion were insightful, eloquently and passionately expressed.  My thanks to Darlene Jenkins who organized and chaired the event and who was its most charismatic spokesperson.

Attractive, black young woman in white blouse with caption Darlene Jenkins

    Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! –  Video Interview

Darlene Jenkins, the amazingly talented wonder woman, who produced the event, asked the participants to react to the Amy Goodman interview above.

The result was an animated, vibrant discussion which revealed a great depth of emotion re the subject.  Event participants were not just stimulated by the film (as they often are by Marvel superhero films) and the video commentary but were genuinely moved to express a wide variety of thoughtful ideas.

The consensus was that the film was not only highly entertaining but brought something new and overdue to the forefront.  It was a welcome and fascinating topic.


Black Panther Pounces and Leaves its Print

The film thus far has been praised on so many levels, for the screenplay, the inspiring characters, the futuristic costumes, the amazing soundtrack, and of course the action sequences. Ryan Coogler ‘s vision and direction are worthy of the accolades from critics and fans across the universe. I read that it’s broken records in terms of how much it has grossed worldwide – over $756 million in a four-day opening weekend! Clearly an impressive accomplishment!

The film is unique in that it introduces us to strong women, to people who treasure intellectual pursuits, whose values are intact, who pursue and excel in technology. Wakanda is a marvel (pun intended). It has never been conquered and so it is free of all the negativity that comes from being controlled. In the end the film is important because it shows us what African culture might have been if it were free of colonization. If only we could re-write history and ponder the past without abuses of power.

On a very elementary level, I think the film is an incredible opportunity for young African-Americans to see themselves portrayed on screen in a positive light. It’s uplifting. Of late, we’ve had enough negative images almost on a daily basis.

I digress for a moment to recommend you see another film directed by Coogler – Fruitvale Station. It is a powerful film that will make you think and shed tears.

I’ll leave you with the image of a young black teen hugging the poster of Black Panther with such love and tenderness. That feeling is infectious.

still form Movie Black Panther with three characters on a balcony facing camera.

Ryan Coogler Breaks Down The Making of Black Panther, Black Girl Power, & Building Wakanda.


Director Ryan Coogler joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the pressure of helming the history-making movie, the trip to Africa he took to prepare for the job, and maintaining the political tone of the original Marvel comic. logo .white dog on red . background with silver outer ring . with URL name
He’s the breakout star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Black Panther is hardly new to super heroics. Since making his debut over 50 years ago, he’s been a part of countless comics adventures, and with that much action, there are bound to be a few odd bits that you’ve missed. Here’s what you don’t know about Black Panther… The first black comic superhero | 0:16 Introducing … The Coal Tiger? | 1:05 The Panther Fights the Klan | 1:55 Good Vibranium | 2:34 The Dora Milaje | 3:12 Everett Ross Sold His Soul for Pants | 3:55 The Black Panther movie that wasn’t | 4:50

Black Panther In-Depth Breakdown (Hidden Clues & Predictions)

Black Panther Teaser Trailer Gets a Full Breakdown, With All Easter Eggs, Predictions, and New Characters Explained!

Erik Voss points out everything you missed, like Avengers cameos and the Black Panther suit design. Who are the villains in Black Panther? What is the Black Panther trailer music? Why does Black Panther’s home kingdom of Wakanda look so futuristic? Lots of questions and lots of answers!


Black Panther Post Credit Scenes Explained!

Both Black Panther cut scenes and surprise cameo revealed! Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen Black Panther!

Black Panther includes two scenes that roll after the credits — a scene with T’Challa (Black Panther) speaking before the UN, and another with a surprise cameo by Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier). Who is the White Wolf?

Erik Voss explains what goes down in these scenes, the subtle connection to Iron Man (2008), and how they connect to the upcoming Avengers Infinity War.

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