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Who doesn’t take pictures while you’re on vacation? We’d like pictures of friends and family and that we desire to capture the flavor of the landscape we are in. Some have an interest in the structures; some h

Beautiful Beach Photography

every jail down and up the east coast. This made for many of the most fascinating albums we’ve got. The structures of some of these buildings were spectacular starting from very modern to castle like in nature. It never creates interest and conversation and it’s really all in the same album, there is no question about what kind of buildings they are. Regardless if you are a skilled traveler or not and love sunrises and sunsets, you can create an album just by that. Labels and dates complete the picture.

The beauty of theme albums is that you could continue to keep adds to them over the years. They are beautiful and easily understood by all. There are lots of categories imaginable. The only real limit is your imagination. Theme albums have become organized and simply understood and they are great conversation pieces! Give it a try!

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