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[/caption]New names come and go in show business. Very few truly leave a mark. Some are patient enough in carving a mark and making a name for themselves. One of them is a new comer named Fabiola Sicily. To a lot of people, she is the face behind the Disney flick PROM’s Jessica. She is of European and Indonesian decent. Her striking beauty makes her standout.

She was born and raised in Indonesia. She loves to perform and took lessons in acting, singing and dancing. In her home country, she landed roles in some plays. Since she really wanted to be an actress, she decided to move to California. It was a big leap but she made sure she will chase after her dreams.

She was first seen in the television series Everyone Wants Theirs. In here, she also showed her physical capabilities. Her later works We Burning Up and Joey both by

Fabiola Sicily ActressDisney Channel gave her venue to prove more.
Proving her worth she also landed supporting roles in a couple of movies. She can be seen in Brando Unauthorized which features the life story of Marlon Brando. In here she plays the character of Thanh. Other movies of her are Omission where she played Sarah’s character. She was Josephine Elizabeth in What Goes Around Comes Around and Tattoo’s Yin Chang.
She also proved that aside from dancing, singing and acting she has another talent. She tried dubbing in the movie Mongol Rise of Genghis Khan. She brought the Princess to life with her voice. She is very happy with the chance that she was given. It was a different experience.
Music is a love she could never forget. She had been given chances to work with A-listers in the industry. She has appeared in music videos to work for such big names. She was featured in a couple of music videos. She worked with Michael Buble, Mick Jagger, Eric Benet, Damian Marley and VS Numbers.


Fabiola Actress & ModelFabiola Sicily knows there will be more to prove. She continues to better her talents and does the best in every role she lands. She knows pretty face will not suffice. She has more to show in her coming projects. If given good breaks, she can be the next big star.

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