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Charlize Theron Explodes In: “Atomic Blonde”

Reviews, Interviews Trailers and Commentary on Atomic Blonde

Charleze Theron: Atomic Blonde Ending Explained 1

Video: The Atomic Blonde Ending Explained.

Atomic Blonde Is An Action Thriller Starring Charlize Theron As Top Level MI6 Spy Lorraine Broughton. But The Twist Ending To This Film May Leave Questions Unanswered, So Enjoy This Breakdown Leading To The Ending Explained.

Charlize Theron goes Atomic. Watch the restricted #AtomicBlonde trailer now.

Stunt Coordinator Breaks Down Theron’s Stunts

‘Atomic Blonde’ stunt coordinator and second unit director Sam Hargrave breaks down every stunt in the film’s Berlin flat fight scene. Sam comments on everything from the types of pots and pans used to Charlize Theron’s impressive performance.

Jeremy Jahns Review of Atomic Blonde

Published on 26 Jul 2017

Charlize Theron with Seth Meyers about “Atomic Blonde”

She shares the uncool ways most of her injuries happened while filming intense fight scenes for Atomic Blonde and her terrible Russian language skills.

Chris Stuckmann Review of Atomic Blonde

Kiss, Kiss, Kill, Kill . The Politics of Dancing in Atomic Blonde

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