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A digital motion camcorder is a dream of many. Whenever you go to purchase a device of this type, you need to make sure that you are getting one which will come across your needs for the foreseeable future. You are making a good investment instead of a casual purchase.

The Sony NEX-FS100 is a compatible lens camcorder which may be exactly what you’ll need. The camcorder has features usually only observed in gadgets that cost you a whole lot more.

If you take advantage of this device, you will get image constancy, wide exposure latitude, low noise, fine detail as well as image texture in each and every recording.

The Sony FS100 comes with a build-up modular design. The light-weight compact body features a handle, removable grip as well as viewfinder tube. This allows the NC CAM Super35 to be used for a wide range of shooting conditions.

Handheld shooting is a breeze thanks to the fact that you can select the handgrip angle and you’ve got the option of using the LCD panel on either the appropriate or even the left. If you would like mount your camera or even attach one or more add-ons, you will love the 1/4? and 3/8? screw holes found in several places on the camera body.

The FS100 helps you to take 1080p video at varying frame costs. The maximum frame rate is 60p. Choose to record 28Mbps AVCHD footage and capture it utilizing Memory Stick or even SD media.

You may also output uncompressed video or RGB via HDMI 1.4 to an external unit capable of recording. If you need simultaneous recording, this is achievable also so you always have a back-up.

A shotgun microphone includes this unit along with dual XLR inputs to help you to capture uncompressed sound at a professional-level even from an outside source. You’ll love what you can do with features similar to this and your recordings will look like the work of a professional.

Other features of the Sony FS100 incorporate a 3.5 XtraFine LCD/view finder, HDMI output and also 1920X1080P Slow and Quick Motion. This camcorder has numerous other features to recommend it also.

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