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Pentax K-01 Mirror-Less Camera

The Pentax K-01 Mirror-Less Camera is here!

Pentax K-01 Mirror-Less Camera

AndrePentax ultimately displayed the K-01 mirror-less camera at the beginning of February just in time for the CP+ (camera) show that occurs next week on the 9th in Japan. We learned about the camera late last year thanks to good ol ‘ info leaks and unsubstantiated rumor. We’re glad to see the rumor come to completion, though we are not keen on the yellow case. We might really like one of the the black ones, and Pentax would do itself a favor if it didn’t favor such a plastic look.

The camera is the baby of famed designer Marc Newson, who says uniqueness was one of the qualities he considered most important when designing the K-01. Definitely, he succeeded in that respect.

On the inside, it’s a different story. This hot rod can shoot 16.28MP photos with an extra-wide sensitivity range; the ISO maxes out at 25600. It does 1080p video too. Of course, the star feature here is the absence of a quick-return mirror, and that allows Pentax to reduce the size of a professoinal-grade camera unlike voluminous DSLR technology, which requires the mirror.

Also, you won’t find a view-finder on the K-01. It’s a brave move. Perhaps photographers are trending away from employing the view-finder, and if that’s the case, Pentax potentially wants to lead the way in innovation by minimizing pointless features. It should at least help to shave a few bucks off the price.

Unlike any other mirror-less cameras on the market, Pentax decided to use an older lens mount, the K mount, rather than a brand spanking new one. That means the Pentax’s K-01 has compatibility with the company’s extensive selection of lens options, there is, however, also a new subcategory of K-mount “pancake” optic lenses the company touts as the world’s thinnest interchangeable lenses. And they are pretty damn thin. The lenses add a unimportant amount of girth to the K-01, testifying to the product’s portability.

by Fausto Mendez

Pentax K-01 Mirror-Less Camera is fantastic!

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