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New 6K RED Komodo

Review RED Komodo Camera


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The new RED KOMODO 6K Cinema Camera  is the exciting new camera release in RED’s  fabled image capture technology.
RED KOMODO is a compact and extremely powerful cinema camera.
It features RED’s cinema grade image quality and color space.
  • MOUNT TYPE: RF mount · Accepts Canon RF mount-based lens adaptors for diverse lens choices · 
    Supports Canon EF with full electronic communication.
  • MAX DATA RATES: Up to 280 MB/s using RED Pro CFast or other qualified CFast 2.0 media cards [1]
  • SENSOR TYPE: KOMODO™ 19.9 MP Super 35mm Global Shutter CMOS
  • EFFECTIVE PIXELS: 6144 x 3240
  • SENSOR SIZE: 27.03 mm x 14.26 mm (Diagonal: 30.56mm)
  • DYNAMIC RANGE: 16+ Stops

If you are thinking about buying the exciting new RED CINEMA CAMERA you may want to watch this informative video.

Here’s some worthwhile advice from a cinematographer who just got his.

Review the RED Komodo + the DJI RS2 Gimbo




Focus on image tests and total RED workflow.


RED Komodo 6K. 

RED Komodo Digital Cinema Camera.

More detail with a deeper dive into  the new RED Komodo 6K menu system with special detailed look at the menu settings.

Focus on: RED Komodo 6K Options 

  1. Global Shutter
  2.  S35 Sensor
  3. Dynamic Range
  4. R3D Files
  5. Setup camera
  6. Lens mount options
  7. Battery options
  8. Approved accessories
  9. Menu System:
    1. Project Settings
    2. Base time code
    3. Recording frame rates
    4. Exposure settings
    5. Focus settings, & black shading
    6. R3D Files: Advantages of recording RAW video over compressed formats and differences in redcode quality settings (LQ, MQ, HQ)
    7. Working with R3D in post:
      1. Demonstration of using R3D files in Resolve/Premiere.  


 Talented filmmaker, Joey Helms, just unboxed the new RED Komodo 6K camera, and he has several good reasons why you might want to buy a KOMODO 6K for yourself.

He posted a video with his initial reaction to the RED Komodo and got lots of heated response.  Now, in reply, he made this half-hour response video to flesh out his earlier review and give viewers a full, highly-detailed analysis as well as informative answers to many of the tough questions he got from the first video.

And, as a bonus, his video displayes some of the best sample footage we’ve seen with the Komodo so far.

The new video is broken down into severeal sections, each concentrating on different aspects of the KOMODO 6K.   Joey adds the aforementiond sample footage shot in several very different conditions.

 He shot some amazing dusk shots, where the sun is still quite bright.

Then he shot some early morning shots when the sun is just beginning to rise to test dynamic range.

And then he took some night shots to see just how the KOMODO  performs in very low light.

Joey breaks down the footage like this:

  • 0:19 – ‘6PM’ Shots
  • 3:11 – “A Message For You!”
  • 4:27 – “Compression, File Sizes, & Crop”
  • 6:51 – “RAPID ROUND I: Features
  • 11:55 – “Dynamic Range incl. ‘6AM’ Footage Sequence
  • 15:55 – “Audio”
  • 18:03 – “RAPID ROUND II: Accessories”
  • 22:05 – “Footage Download / #komodochallenge”
  • 22:45 – “Low Light incl. ’11PM’ Footage Sequence
  • 24:55 – “Menu & Wireless Control”

You can  download the sample footage he shot for the video so that you can manipulate it yourself.

Along with all the beautiful footage, Joey goes into great detail about all the different functions, new features of the new camera, along with answers and questions posted on his previous video.

If you’re seriously considering buying yourself a RED Komodo 6K Cinema Camera, then we feel this video is well worth your  time.

New 6K RED Komodo

Review RED Komodo Camera

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Camera Review

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