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Brooklyn Lighthouse Studios & Set Shop

Our film, photo, and video studio can accommodate both small and large commercial productions. We also have a massive white cyclorama and a sound stage available for any project. We also have set production facilities where we can create whatever film or photo set you need.

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2 Jiffy Steamers
Clothing Racks
Iron and Ironing Board
Dedicated HMU Power
3 Adjustable Make up Chairs
Built in Make up Bench
Brooklyn Lighthouse Studios & Set Shop

Brooklyn Lighthouse Studios & Set Shop

Can provide you with all of your equipment needs!

Windmill Studios has a wide range of grip and electricity for film and TV. Any list you throw at us, our equipment department has it or can get it. Please contact us right away if you need more information or want to order specific equipment!

Studio Features


Drive on Access


3500 square foot Studio

45ft x 25ft x 13ft-6inch Cyclorama

Private HMU Room

1200 Amps Total Power

Climate Control A/C and Heat

2 Power Drops

Full Grids

10 1k Zips to light Cyc

Our Grip and Electric Pack:


(2) Arri S60 SkyPanel LED fixture w/ Barn Door
(2) Astra 1×1 LED Fixture – BiColor

(2) Arri 650W Fresnel
(2) Arri T1 1000W Fresnel
(2) Arri T2 2000W Fresnel 2K Junior
(2) Arri T5 5000W Fresnel
All Fresnel includes Bulbs, Barn Doors, and Scrim Sets


(12) 40’ C-Stands head and arms
(4) Medium Roller 3 riser
(4) High Roller 3 riser
(4) Mini Baby 2 riser Light Stand
(4) Combo Stand 2 riser
(2) Mombo Combo Overhead Stand 23.5’
(4) Combo Stand 3 riser


(2) Kino Flo 4 Bank 4 Ft.
(2) Kino Flo 4 Bank 2 Ft.
Includes Tungsten and daylight Bulbs

(10) 1K Zip Lights (in the grid)


(2) 50 ft. 60amp. Bates Cable
(4) 50 ft. 100amp. Bates Cable
(1) 50 Ft. #2 Banded 5 Wire
(1) 10 Ft. 3/0 Banded 5 Wire
(10) 50 Ft. Stingers
(5) 25 Ft. Stingers
(1) 100amp to 60amp. Splitter
(2) 300amp Distro Box

What We Have:

Three Ton Grip Package

Tungsten Lights

Kino Flo

LED and Sky Panel

Floorplan and measurements

Brooklyn Lighthouse Studios & Set Shop
Brooklyn Lighthouse Studios & Set Shop
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