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Best New York White Cyc Stages

Convenient NYC Locations

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  • Choice White Cyc Studios
  • Full Production Capacity
  • Live WebCasting
  • Attractive Packages

White Cyc Video Stages In New York

White Cyc, an abbreviated form of cyclorama, also referred to as cyclorama wall or cyc wall, was popularized in German theaters in the 1800s. The use of a curved or “seamless background” partially encloses the stage & forms an endless background


Sometimes called the Infinity Background, this theater​ tool enables film or theater producers to create an endless array of special effects. For example, a good lighting designer can create the effect of floating on a sea of clouds while models or actors perform.

As one background expert referred to White Cyc as being in a giant egg, this industry tool has become a necessity in the television, film, photography and broadcast media world. American Movie Company provides access to great White Cyc facilities to get your job done well.

Brooklyn Dumbo white cyc

 Brooklyn, Dumbo

$3,000 Ten Hour Day

  • 45′ X 55′ x 45′ White Cyc | Green Cyc
  • Drive In Gate
  • 600 AMP Power. 3 Phase
  • 20′ Ceiling
Best White Cyc Studio Rentals NYC 1

Chelsea Manhattan

  • Private Talent Green Room

  • Client and Guest Lounge

  • Climate-Controlled

  • Soundproof

  • High speed Wi-Fi (ideal for live streaming)

  • MCM On-Site Stage Manager

  • 18’ x 37.25’ Cyc with Cov

Jersey City White cyc Studios

Chelsea Manhattan

  • Private Talent Green Room

  • Client and Guest Lounge

  • Climate-Controlled

  • Soundproof

  • High speed Wi-Fi (ideal for live streaming)

  • MCM On-Site Stage Manager

  • 18’ x 37.25’ Cyc with Cov

Chelsea NoMad Stage NYC

27th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan

$1950 Ten Hour Day

  • Three Wall White Cyc
  • Hang Green No Charge
  • Full Grip & Electric
  • Green Room
  • Kitchen
  • Makeup  & Hair Station
  • WebCasting Facility
  • Freight Elevator
  • Studio Manager
Union Square Studio White Cyc


  • 65,000sf Production Campus
  • Ground Floor, Drive-In Stages
  • Full In-House Equipment Rental
  • Department Location Equipment Rental & Vehicles
  • Cafe & Coffee Bar
  • Production Offices & Flex Spaces
  • Private Makeup, Hair, Dressing & Green
  • Rooms 10g High-Speed Ethernet and WiFi
  • Enclosed Parking & Loading
  • 24/7 Security
Chelsea 28th

$1950 Ten Hour Day

  • Studio manager
  • Pre-lit hard white cyc
  • Grip and lighting package
  • Power
  • Makeup station
  •  Green Room
  • WiFi
Daylight Stage B

$1845 Ten Hour Day

Midtown Green Screen Studio BTS Woman Model Posing in front of white cyc

$ 1695 Ten Hour Day


  • Stage Square Footage: 2000 sq.ft
  • 10 ft Ceilings
  • Hard Cyc, Green or White Cyc Stage
  • Green or White Cyc Size: 20W X 16L X 10h
  • Stage comes Pre-Lit with Rental
  • 200 Amps of power
  • Green Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hair and Makeup Room
White Cyc Studio 1 Brooklyn Prime

Bushwick, Brooklyn

  • 20′ x 24′ with a 2 Wall Cyc | 15′ Ceiling
  • Grip & Electric 300  amps Power
  • Sound Insulated Double Layered Doors
  • 15 Tons Silent HVACFull Lighting Grid
  • Makeup  & Hair Room | . Green Room
  • WebCasting Facility | Wardrobe Room
  • Drive-in access. |  150MB Fios Internet
  • Studio Manager
Best White Cyc Studio Rentals NYC 2

Bushwick, Brooklyn


$2500 Ten Hour Day  | $300 Power | $75 Clean Up
5000 sq ft. Cyc  is L shaped 40′ X28′

  • Full Grip & Electric Available
  • 900 amps power via Cam-Lok drops
  • Full Lighting Grid
  • Makeup & Hair Room | . Green Room
  • Studio Manager | Wardrobe Room
  • Drive-in access . 11′ X 11′ Roll Gate


brooklyn prime stage 3

Bushwick, Brooklyn

$1800 Ten Hour Day
Best White Cyc Studio Rentals NYC 3

Bushwick, Brooklyn

$1800 TenHour Day

  • 23′ x 60′ with a 2 Wall Cyclorama (22′ by 25′)
  • Grip & Electric 600  amps Power
  • Full Lighting Grid
  • Makeup  & Hair Room | . Green Room
  •  Wardrobe Room
  • Drive-in access
  • Studio Manager
Brooklyn Prime Super Stage:Huge production space, Brooklyn Prime - columns white walls

Bushwick, Brooklyn

  • 7,200 Sq. Ft Space, with a 35’X25’6″ One Wall Cyc
  • Grip & Electric 900  Amps Power
  • Full Lighting Grid
  • Makeup  & Hair Room |  Green Room | Private Bathroom
  •  Catering Room
  • Loading Dock Access
  • Studio Manager
New Jersey Prime Studios White Cyc Stage

East Hanover, NJ (30 min. from NYC)

$2,000 Ten Hour Day

Large White Cyc Drive-In Stage

Large white cyc drive in studio Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NYC

$1500 Ten Hour Day

Ultra White Cyc Stage with bicycle in front

New York 16,000 SF Sound Stage | Green Screen Cyc | White Cyc

Stages and Production Eligible for 40% NY Tax Incentive

  • $2500 day + Electric

Drive-in Studio | Huge Scenic Workshop | Amazing Amenities
Newburgh, New York – 60 Miles from Times Square

Penn Prime White Cyc Stage Lancaster Pennsylvania

Green Screen Cyc | Huge White Cyc

WebCasting | Media Tours | Brainstorm

Drive-in Studio | Huge Scenic Workshop | Amazing Amenities
Lancaster Pennsylvania



WebCasting at all American Movie Stages


  • LiveStream & TriCaster FlyPacks
  • LiveStream & TriCaster Certified Technicians
  • Dedicated Uplink
  • Up to 12 Camera Live Streaming
  • 4K Streaming Ability
  • Stream to Multiple Locations Live.

Top Questions When Choosing a White Cyc Studio or Stage:

  • What do other filmmakers think of the studio?

      Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews? Beware studios with few five-star reviews. Employees and friends could fake them. Four-star reviews are encouraging. Yelp’s total review statistics are often lower than Facebook or Google’s.

  • Does the stage have a pre-lit cyc wall (white or green)? What does the grip and lighting package for the studio include? Additional grip and lighting service is available?

     Even if you own grip and lighting equipment, getting it to the studio may consume valuable studio time and need overtime.

  • Can you feed your personnel outside the shooting area?

     It’s disheartening and amateurish to have actors and crew sit on apple boxes or production cases onstage.

  • Is there a lunch/craft kitchen?

    A refrigerator is needed to cool drinks.

  • Do they have photographs of the green room, make-up rooms, and bathrooms?
  • Will you have a studio manager?

    Note his/her cell phone number in case of problems.

  • Is the studio transit-friendly?

    Your crew may arrive by bus or train, and difficult travel increases lateness.

  • Do power, rubbish pickup, or security cost extra?
  • Check the Internet. What’s the service’s up/down speed? What’s the deal?

    Visit on your laptop to test yourself. Streaming requires network cable, not Wi-Fi.

  • Before renting, inspect the place if feasible. You can check for sound issues. Is the studio on a busy street where traffic noise may interfere? Clean? Is lighting and grip equipment working? Parking?
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