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Best Remote Video Production


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Best Remote Video Production Services

100% Remote Directing

Your director in one city can remotely look through the main camera shooting the talent in another city.  The talent sees the face of the director projected on a two-way mirror in front of the lens.  So, there is a face to face, director to actor interaction.

100% Remote Teleprompting

Our operator in our NYC or Hollywood Studio remotely operates the teleprompter on your set.  We can ship you a SteadiCam-type prompter which easily attaches to the camera rods or we can send a local prompter operator to set you up.

100% Interrotron

The talent is in one location and the director is across town or across the country.

100% Remote 4K Production

We ship a complete 4K camera, Mic, Ring Light package along with our Skytronn System.  Our Tech remotely helps your talent set it up.  There is a complete video set up guide on our site.  The director directs right through the lens as above.  After the recording, the talent ships the cards back. (Two card recording, one for the client, one for the editor for redundancy.)

One Person Remote 4K Production

If the talent will allow one Covid tested person on site, we send a local cinematographer, with a professional 4K camera, sound and lighting package.  He also brings our remote Skytronn System so the director can interact from another location.

Demand For Remote Video Production Has Never Been Higher.

And yes, It’s certainly Covid-related.

When we are all back to normal, it’s logical to assume that directors may still not want to fly to another city to work with talent or,for that matter, to fly the talent to meet the director when remote video production is now possible and so easy.

Best Remote Video Production Services 1

100% Remote Teleprompting

  • We ship you our easy to use SteadiCam Prompter.
    • Fits directly on any size camera rods. (We ship a full set of adaptors.)
    • Included are full assembly instructions as well as an instructional video on our site.
    • High bright 10″ monitor.
    • Standard “through-the-lens” operation.
  • Included in the shipment is our Skytronn “Road Warrior”.
    • Skytronn Unit takes HDSDI or HDMI feed from main camera and sends image and audio to Zoom (any similar conferencing software).
    • Input for XLR audio.
    • The return video is sent from a laptop (not included) running Zoom, etc. via an HDMI cable to the Steadicam Prompter.
    • Return audio is taken form the above laptop 3.5 mini audio port by your sound person and can be delivered to the talent in a number of ways such as a simple computer speaker, earwig, AirPods, etc. (not included.)
  • Our Prompter Tech working in our NYC or Hollywood WebCasting control room logs onto to the remote system.  
  • He/She uses vMix to control the remote monitor and perform all professional teleprompting functions.
  • Our NYC or LA tech can monitor and supervise the entire set up and operation remotely via our Pro FlyPack units with vMix.
  • Note: All of the normal prompter functions including immediate copy editing.
Best Remote Video Production Services 2

Partial Remote Prompting

  • A local teleprompter operator arrives early to set and builds the prompter and assists the Grip, AC or DP to set up the tripod and mount the camera on the prompter.
  • The prompter operator leaves and returns only at the end of the shoot to retrieve the prompter gear.
  • During the shoot the teleprompter is remotely operated by an eperienced professional teleprompter tech from our control room in NYC or Hollywood.
  • The remote technician / prompter operator uses our Pro Flypacks running vMix.
  • All profesional teleprompting can now be done 100% remotely.



Best Remote Video Production Services 3

Remote Interrotron / Skytronn

  • Our Skytronn System can function as an Interrotron “at-a-distance.”
  • We ship our professional SteadiCam teleprompter to the client.
  • East to use.  Full instructions and video included.
  • Remote tech support via FaceTime included.
  • Online video instructions as well as written assembly and operation instructions arre included.
  • The Director or Producer can be across the street or across the country.
  • The Director or Producer needs only a laptop running Zoom or any comparable software.  No additional hardware or software needed.
4K Flypack For WebCasting

Remote video production, especially in the middle of a Covid epidemic, is a complex issue.  It requires a full toolbox of professional hardware and software as well as trained, experienced technicians to do it reliably.

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary we have decades of Teleprompter and Interrotron experience.  Our International network of 25 regional offices includes Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Put simply we have the experience.

We supplied the Interrotron and technician to Errol Morris, theAcademy Award-winning inventor of the Interrotron, when he came to New York and we are scheduled to do so again



Major Movie Markets

Engineering Firm 50

Even without all the issues with Covid, it’s often either impractical or too expensive to do all the remote video production desired. 

Large pharmaceutical companies need to safely interview doctors and other medical professionals who may, understandbly, be reluctant to come into the studio or allow acces to their offices.  Likewise, Infommercial produceers need to secure testimonials from satisfied individuals who have used their client’s products.

On the other hand, directors and producers are, understandably, reluctant to fly to other cities.  Such travel is expensive and time-consuming in the best-of-times, and during Covid dangerous as well.

There is an obvious benefit to doing all of these remote video productions safely and cost-effectively.

WebCasting Events



The American Movie Company does remote video production so well because it has decades of experience in all the component parts of such an enterprise.  We are with 25 local offices in virtually every major movie market in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

We are a highly experienced film/video production company headed by Emmy-winning feature film producer/writer/director, Bill Milling.  His projects have garnerd a total of 19 Emmys.

New American Movie Company logo Dog In Center

Best Remote Video Production

Best Remote Video Production Services 4

100% Remote Production

  • Complete remote kit shipped to talent’s home or place of business
  • Production Kit Contains:
    • 4K Canon Camera
    • Small Tripod
    • Teleprompter
    • Ring Light
    • Microphone
    • Skytronn Unit
    • Instructional Set up/ Operating Video

Best Remote Video Production Services 5

One Person Crew On Site

  • Video Director/Cameraman
  • Professional 4K Camera
  • Tripod
  • Sound Recording Mixer & Mics
  • Small Lighting Kit
  • Skytronn Mini Unit
  • Teleprompter (if required)


Simple Self-Operating Teleprompter & Interrotron

iPad Prompter Pro

  • With self-scrolling software.
  • Load tect by reaging copy into iPad or eMail text in
  • Software scrolls along with the reader. Quickly if speaker reads quickly and then slowly if he/she slows down.
  • If speaker “ad libs”,  the text simply stops scrolling and waits for the speaker with the text on screen.


  • Do it yourself simple set up
  • Through-the-lens operation
  • Functions with mirrors.  No electroniic parts
  • No power required
  • An iPad with conferencing software can be placed on the internal tray so it can function as a remote Interrotron.

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