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Best Remote 4K / 6K Video Production

Interviews | Testimonials | Presentations

Single Covid-Tested Camera Professional On Site





  • 6K Video Capture

  • Pro Audio Capture

  • Green Screen Background

  • Teleprompter

  • Skytronn Remote Viewing

  • Pro Lighting Kit

  • vMix & Zoom Integration

Only One Covid Tested Professional Camera / Sound Tech On Site


With the advanced Skytronn Technology our Senior Streaming Technician can remotely link in up to eight participants.  Each can view the subject through the lens of the  camera and hear the subject via the professional on site microphone system.  All eight participants can talk to each other as well as the subject.  The Streaming Tech operates the teleprompter remotely.  All participants can see the prompter and hear the subject throughout the video recording session.

RED Camera on Shoot - Best remote 4k / k6 video production
4K Camera, Tripod and Gold Plate Teleprompter - Video Production equipment

Director of Photography
Highly experienced DP/Cameraman
Sound Tech arrives on location pre-tested for Covid 19.


  • Alone, he/she sets up the tripod, teleprompter, camera & Skytronn.
  • DP sets up the shotgun and wireless microphones.
  • Sets up and adjusts the lighting.
  • Connects the Skytronn with built-in MAC Mini.
  • Connects to Zoom or Bluejeans, Skype, etc.


  • The DP always wears a mask and observes proper distance and Covid protocol.
  • He/she connects the camera and mics to our Skytronn System which allows remote viewers at a distance to watch the video capture live through the lens of the camera.
  • He connects the teleprompter to our remote prompter operator via Skytronn.
    • This enables the remote prompter tech to look and hear the subject via the camera lens and attached mics and so to perfectly operate the prompter and adjust the text size and speed to the speech of the subject.
    • The client can monitor the teleprompter copy as well as the subject’s reading of the copy so that no errors are made, or if inadvertently made, are immediately corrected.
  • Professional three point lighting illuminates the subject to the best advantage.
  • If requested, a small “pop up” green screen is placed behind the subject so that a suitable background can be inserted in post-production. This green is evenly lit by th4 DP.
  • The session is connected to Zoom (Bluejeans, Microsoft, Skype, etc.) where the clients can see the exact framing, color, focus, depth of field of the subject image and speak with the DP and subject prior to the start of video/sound capture.
  • A rehearsal takes place.
  • When the client is satisfied, video capture commences in 6K Video.
    • The immense high quality of the 6K image allows for high quality adjustment, zooms, pans, frame sizes to be accomplished in post-production
  • When the video is complete to the satisfaction of all, the subject leaves the room and the DP packs and leaves.
  • The video/sound is sent to the client over the web.
Skytronn Logo Interrotron at a distance

100% Remote Video / Sound Capture

This option is for those instances when not even one camera tech can be on location.

A complete 4K production package is shipped to the subject.

  1. Sony 4K Camera pre-set for the production
  2. Tripod 
  3. iPad Pro Prompter
  4. Skytronn Mini Converter
  5. WebCam and tabletop tripod
  6. Ringlight
  7. Laptop pre-loaded with software
  8. Professional microphone with HDMI connection to laptop

Remote Control Of Camera / Mic /Lighting

  • DP Connects with subject via Zoom or Facetime prior to the day of the event. He/she goes over all the logistics of the production so that the event proceeds with total safety in a manner agreed to in advance.
  • Once the gear is set up, our remote senior streaming tech connects to the camera and sound system  from our master control center NYC and provides the clients with a link so they may join in the session. 
  • This session is done through a more professional streaming technology rather than Zoom, etc. which are basically prosumer platforms.

The IPad Pro comes with:

A self-scrolling teleprompting application which is pre-loaded with the proper text.  

This high tech application scrolls with the sound of the subject’s voice.  It does not require any special voice recognition training, rather it recognizes a voice reading the words in the prompter.

So when the subject speaks quickly, the text moves ahead at that same speed.  When the subject speaks slowly, again the text slows to match the speed.  And if the subject goes “off book” to ad lib… then the software stops and waits.

There is a link to an illustrated, full description of the setup and operation of everything in very easy, non-professional language.

Additionally, there is a video guiding the subject in setting up the equipment.

Once the gear is set up, our technician remotely connects to the subject via Zoom or Facetime to ensure everything is set up correctly and to test the complete system.

Using the Skytronn Mini connection, the technician and the client are able to view the subject through the lens of the camera and approve moving forward to capture the video.

Once the session is over, the subject re-packs and ships back everything except the camera.

The camera is FedExed overnight to the DP who downloads the footage and digitally transmits it to the client immediately.

Best Remote 4K Video Production

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