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 New Unreal 5 Virtual Environments

Latest Unreal Engine 3D/4K Virtual Sets

For use in our live compositing green screen and LED video wall studios

Our Specialty

The video environments on this page show the amazing quality of Unreal Engine Virtual Sets. We are experts in this technology and can flawlessly incorporate your talent into a vast array of 3D/4K virtual sets like these.


This can me done in our green screen studio and/or our LED Video Wall Studio

. in both cases,  the capture is live in 4K with multiple moving cameras.  Both studios have high end jib mounted cameras.

The smallest details are totally lifelike

When watching the videos above as well as on our LED Wall Houses page, please notice how realistic each small element is.


Contact Us at 212-219-1075.

Photo Real Virtual Environments

As we move up form Unreal5.0 to 5.1 – 2 and beyond the capabilities will continue to expand.

Virtual Sets… the way forward for major movies and videos

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