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Best Large Screen Teleprompter Rental 1

Best Large Screen Teleprompter Rental

24″ Teleprompter Rental

32″ Teleprompter Rental


Best Large Screen Teleprompter Rental 2

 Huge 32″ Teleprompter Rentals

Unit cabe be free standing or tripod mounted with the camera.

The extra large 32″ Teleprompter is used, bot only for vir=ewing at a distance, but for viewing Power Point presentation.  The giant prompter screen makes the PPT much easier to read.  It’s superior to the Power Point on a separate monitor as it enables the speaker to look directly into the lens and still see the power point clearly.

32″ Teleprompter Specs

  • Complete solution – nothing else required
  • Easily readable to over 17 feet
  • Self reversing monitor, VGA, HDMI and composite in (regular monitor)
  • great for prompting with presentation slides
  • Fast, easy setup and ultra adjustable
  • FreeStanding or use with sled to mount with camera on tripod
  • Supports any size camera from palmcorder, Cinema to ENG
  • 1 year Warranty on Monitors
  • Q-Gear FreeStand 32″ Models come with a Lowboy on Casters that will support 30LBS+



  • 32″ diagonal
  • Built-in reversing
  • VGA, HDMI composite inputs for Regular 400 NIT
  • LED backlit
  • AC adapter included, battery operable
  • When using PrompterPeople Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to use the Flip Function in the flip Q Software.


The QPRO Series of teleprompters  utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any camera from a palmcorder to a full size ENG camera. The included monitor is self-reversing which eliminates the need for expensive external reversers or complicated reversing software. The monitor also offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. The lightweight LED back lit display offers a bright 400 nit image or 1,000 nit High-bright version and can be used on the included AC adapter.

  • Beamsplitter: 60/40 is standard, 70/30 available as a no cost option
  • Beamsplitter size
  • Ultra Clear, low iron glass eliminates color shift
  • Anti reflection coatings prevent glass reflections
    Monitor: 24”, or 32″ diagonal versions available
  • 32″ QGear Pro FreeStand Regular Reversing Monitor comes with LowBoy with Casters 
  • VGA, HDMI and composite inputs (Regular Monitors)
  • HighBright  24″ version available
  • SDI, VGA, and HDMI (HighBright Monitors)
  • LED back lit
  • 12v DC operation 60 watts
  • AC adapter included, battery operable
  • Ultra adjustability
  • Adjustable camera and monitor position
  • Tripod mount, and balance
  • Adjustable height/angle glass/hood assembly
  • Newsroom software available

Our 24″ High Bright Teleprompter

The Robo Prompter Robotic and PTZ Camera Teleprompter was designed for today’s self contained robotic cameras such as the Panasonic AW-HE100 and Sony BRC series. The Robo Prompter completely encloses the robotic camera for unhindered camera movement while providing easy access to camera controls. The 22” 16:9 LED LCD offers VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs with optional SDI. The Robo Prompter’s wide mirror frame allows wide panning of the camera for both standard teleprompting use as well as PowerPoint prompting applications and tele-presence using Skype or VOIP. Provides a perfect eye-line from presenter to remote viewer, perfect for remote studios, boardrooms and remote education. Please contact us for pricing, reseller and integrator pricing is available.

  • Completely enclosed design
  • Works with virtually all robotic cameras
  • 2 PTZ cameras can be mounted side by side with adapter
  • HUGE 24” glass allows for wide panning
  • 22” LED reversing 16:9 LCD with VGA, DVI HDMI inputs
  • Viewable up to 35 degrees off axis
  • Multiple people can read at the same time
  • SDI input available on HB monitor version
  • Perfect studio prompter
  • perfect for tele-presence and tele-conferencing
  • Robo Teleprompters do not come with an included travel soft case, please call for upgradable flight kits, and case options
  • Upgradeable HB (High-bright) 1,000 nit monitor
  • ROBO 24 LBS, ROBO HB 28 lbs



  • 24″ diagonal AutoReversing 400 NIT HDMI
  • 24″ diagonal AutoReversing 1000 NIT HD-SDI, HDMI
  • 21.5″ diagonal AutoReversing 400 NIT HD-SDI, HDMI
  • Built-in reversing so all Apps and Desktop appear as normal 
  • VGA, HDMI composite inputs for Regular 400 NIT 24″ Model
  • VGA, HDMI composite inputs for Regular 400 NIT 21.5″ Model
  • HD-SDI, VGA, HDMI inputs for HighBright 1000 NIT
  • LED backlit 
  • AC adapter included, battery operable
  • When using PrompterPeople Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to use the Flip Function in the flip Q Software.
  • When using a 3rd Party monitor you may need to use the Flip Function in the Flip Q Software


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Best Large Screen Teleprompter Rental 3

Large Screen Teleprompter Rental

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Best Large Screen Teleprompter Rental

by | Nov 14, 2021

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