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Professional Music Video Production NYC

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Awesome Music Video Production

  • Call Bill now to discuss how you can produce a great video to showcase your talent.  917-414-5489.
  • We can shoot on green screen in our studio to put you in amazing environments that add professional production value to your video.
  • Or we can help you shoot in iconic practical locations all over the city.
  • We can provide:
    • The Director
    • Camera Operator
    • 6K Cameras and Steadicam
    • Studio
    • Editing
    • Special Effects
Rent Blackmagic Pocket Camera 6K Rentals

Budget Music Video Prices:

Location Production $2,595

  • 10 Hour Shoot
  • Director/Camera Operator
  • 2nd camera Operator
  • Two 6K Pro Cameras
  • Tripod, Monitor
  • Playback
  • 15 Pass Van


Editing & Special Effects $60 Hr.


Studio Production $3,995

All of the above Plus:

  • Three Wall Green Screen Studio
  • Pre lit Green Cyc
  • Gaffer
  • Production Assistant
  • Lighting & Grip Gear
  • Green Room
  • Make Up & Hair Room
  • Kitchen Access
  • Covid Protection
  • Freight Elevator
  • Studio Manager
  • Quiet Air Conditioning
  • Tables & Chairs
Music Video: Young Gloria Peters Face

Awesome Music Video Production Company NYC

by | Aug 28, 2020

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