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Astoria White Wood

Large photo studio with white brick corner, hardwood floors, and windows to the east for soft natural light.

Astoria White Wood- header; with 3 sofas, bed and mirror


100% Private Stage

3x Flash Units (Strobes)

Sound System (AUX)

No Deposit Required

Wireless Triggers

Fans, Sand Bags etc.

No Insurance / Permits

Paper Backdrops

Free Wi-Fi


astoria white wood- bed, hanging chair, sofas, chandelier and changing room
astoria white wood- sofa, changing room, hair and make up area
astoria white wood- chair and small table; mirror and bed
astoria white wood- with comfy bed and elegant background and materials
astoria white wood- table;hanging chair; 3 sofa; bed ; painting standee
astoria white wood- 3 sofa, chair and table, white with floral background
astoria white wood- bed, hanging chair, painting standee; feat. brick walls


astoria white wood- floorplan
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