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 Astoria N.Y. Apartment

Studio for photography with a prop kitchen, a lounge with a leather couch, and gorgeous natural light.

Studio Gallery

This white brick studio has a prop kitchen, a cozy area with a leather couch, hardwood floors, windows that face west, and beautiful patterns of light in the evening.

 Astoria N.Y. Apartment-blue chair
 Astoria N.Y. Apartment- cozy area
 Astoria N.Y. Apartment
 Astoria N.Y. Apartment-dining area -plates table
Astoria Photo studio - raw space , table

Included Equipment:

  • 100% Private Stage
  • Deposit-Free

  • No Insurance / Permits
  • 3x Flash Units (Strobes)
  • Wireless Triggers
  • Paper Backdrops 
  • Sound System (AUX)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Black Leather Sofa
  • Fans, Sand Bags etc.


Astoria Photo Studio floorplan
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