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Las Vegas Convention Center


NAB it in Vegas


The time is here again for NAB in Las Vegas! No… what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas! We are preparing to WebCast some events and so by definition thousands or millions of people outside of Nevada will be privy to all.

I’m inserting a bit of levity, but this is serious, folks. The National Association of Broadcasters is holding its annual trade show at the Convention Center here in Sin City.

New technology in cameras and the world of video editing software will be on display. Their tagline “Where Content Comes to Life” is quite appropriate. Everyone is full of energy and delight.






We at the American Movie Company are happy to be here and excited to participate in all the fun. Some of our clients have been coming here since the mid nineties.

We’ve scheduled a few days of abandon. A sojourn to Reno, The Biggest Little City in the world is in the cards!

Next week we head back to NY to immerse ourselves in a huge shoot involving Live Streaming. Teleprompters, Interrotrons, Confidence Monitors are on hold!

NAB showcases some of the most exciting new cine lenses.  Top manufacturers, including Canon, ARRI, are here to display a wide range of cinema lenses. The anamorphic lenses are out of this world.  Impressive to see.

This video is informative.  Take a look.

You will learn more than 10 things!

When you have a few more more minutes come back!

This is a side by side comparison of the Panasonic GH5s and the Arri Alexa Mini using three tests: noise, codec, and banding. The purpose of the test is to truly see how much of a difference there is of the GH5s and Alexa Mini when technically picked apart.

You can also find the shorter 2 minute version of the video here for a quick review:…

Bina with glasses - visiting producer
This is my first time in Vegas!  I was invited by the American Movie Company to oversee a few members of our staff as they worked in a variety of roles.  We were hired to WebCast a few events at this exciting venue.  It was fun to be among tech savvy and passionate young folks.  I have mostly been a producer on several feature films over the years.  Am staying on this part of the country for a week and am eager to explore Vegas and environs.  I look forward to this adventure.

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