Internships available at the American Movie Company

We hire new crew members through our robust intern program.

We accept qualified interns in the following areas:

Camera, Lighting & Grip, Studio Management. Hands-on experience in a wide variety of studio and production shooting scenarios with different cameras such as: Alexa, Red, F3, etc. Interns will work directly with AMC Director of Photography, Arié Ohayon and (when available) Hernán Toro.

Production and Marketing. Intern will work as assistant to Emmy Award-winning producer/director Bill Milling.

WebCasting, TriCaster, Virtual Sets: Intern will work with Newtek Certified TriCaster operators and streaming technicians.

Editing, Postproduction & VFX. Editing and Visual Effects with our team of professional editors and VFX artists.

Drone Pilot Flying and 4K video photography with the new Inspire 1 Drone fom DJI

If you feel you qualify for our awesome intern program after watching the video below, send your resumé and a writeup that covers your interests within the fields below to our producer, Parm Girn via email

If your resume is online, use the form below to send your links and a short description of your desired intern position.

Internship Contact Form

12 + 15 =

Many interns have gone on to become some of our best crew members.

Hone your skills in the exciting world of Film Production by seeing if an Internship is right for you.

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