Internships available at the American Movie Company

We hire new crew members through our robust intern program.

We accept qualified interns in the following areas:

Camera, Lighting & Grip, Studio Management. Hands-on experience in a wide variety of studio and production shooting scenarios with different cameras such as: Alexa, Red, F3, etc. Interns will work directly with AMC Director of Photography, Arié Ohayon and (when available) Hernán Toro.

Production and Marketing. Intern will work as assistant to Emmy Award-winning producer/director Bill Milling.

WebCasting, TriCaster, Virtual Sets: Intern will work with Newtek Certified TriCaster operators and streaming technicians.

Editing, Postproduction & VFX. Editing and Visual Effects with our team of professional editors and VFX artists.

Drone Pilot Flying and 4K video photography with the new Inspire 1 Drone fom DJI

If you feel you qualify for our awesome intern program after watching the video below, send your resumé and a writeup that covers your interests within the fields below to our producer, Parm Girn via email

If your resume is online, use the form below to send your links and a short description of your desired intern position.

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Many interns have gone on to become some of our best crew members.

Hone your skills in the exciting world of Film Production by seeing if an Internship is right for you.

Why Movie Sequels Suck – Except Mad Max Fury Road

Let’s face it: Sequels suck! And yet the Hollywood studio system keeps churning them out year after dreadful year. Time and again, we independent filmmakers and the general public ask ourselves a very simple question: “Why?” Do the studio executives not see how badly these movies suck? Well, did GM, Ford and Chrysler not see how badly their cars of the 1970s and 1980s sucked?

Review: New Panasonic EVA 1 5.7 K Cine Camera

Panasonic offers leading products to acquire, transmit and view high-quality video, over both video and IP networks. Professional products include VariCam cinema cameras, P2 HD camcorders, 4K and HD handheld cameras, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, studio and box cameras, switchers and monitors. In this interview Mitch gives us a preview of the new Panasonic AU-EVA1, a new 5.7K cinema camera positioned between the Panasonic Lumix GH5 4K mirrorless camera and the VariCam LT 4K cinema camera.

Best New Tech 2017

Foldable Screen Smartphone, Smart Sun Glasses, Personal Hovercraft, Camera Contact Lenses, Personal Robot, Smart Plant Protector, 3D Printed Cast, Flexible Wearable Touch Screen, Smart Refrigerator, Gadget Reads Your Dog’s Mind. These are just a few of the amazing new real tech gadgets available now in 2017

VolksWaggon Hover Car | Passinger Drone

VW Hovercar | Single Seater Drone The Future is Here.  Great New Tech Available Now Volkswagen's Hover Car concept car was inspired by its People's Car Project, an open-source project in China where people submit ideas for new cars. The floating car is a...

Best Camera Silders 2017

World's Smartest Motion Control The Affordable SurfaceOne Targeting The SurfaceOne Motion Control System Elketrone 4 Axis Motion Kit Control System First review of the Edelkrone "Motion Kit" .  It's a 4-axis...


New Zeiss eXtended Data on CP3 Lenses

The eXtended Data technology is based on the /i* Technology. I furnishes information about lens distortion & shading in real time.

With these lenses, even quite small shoots on a limited budgets producers can get access to cutting edge techniques used in state-of-the-art, major Hollywood features, big budget commercials and Network TV shows.

limited production budgets can gain access to the advanced techniques common in state-of-the-art, big budget films, commercials and television shows.

Kitty Hawk Flyer Personal Drone

Kitty Hawk Flying Motorcycle Personal Drone Available December 2017 New Drone "The Kitty Hawk Flyer" carries one person and is easy to fly with no pilot's license. Full Flight of Personal Drone Beta Test Kitty Hawk Flyer This...

Elon Musk Reveals His Plan for Colonizing Mars

Elon Musk Reveals His Plan for Colonizing Mars. Join us as we explore the colonization of Mars with the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System! Learn what challenges future colonists may face and see what awaits them upon arrival on the red planet.