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Summer 2018 Internship Breakdown

MARKETING/SOCIAL MEDIA – Market and develop company voice on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Buffer etc). The social media intern strategist will be responsible for communicating directly with our company’s network of followers, build up our online presence etc.

VISUAL STRATEGIST- Web designer proficient in Adobe Suite – help to assist page content development, design new web pages etc.

PRODUCTION INTERN – Will be responsible for shooting short form company promo material – will work with social media intern in creating social media driven content directed toward the company’s message.

PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERN – Monitor all forms of media. Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events. Write press releases and other materials. Create interview preparation materials. Compile contact lists. Search for press clippings. Create or update databases.

Interns will be required to commit to 2 days a week minimum. Hours 11-5pm. Travel and lunch will be provided.  Can also obtain college credit if necessary.

Please email all CV’s and Cover Letters to  Bill Milling  or Carmen Ventura [email protected] 


Chelsea Prime Green Screen
Chelsea East Work Area
AMC Producers Mike and Laura
Van with AMC logo
Men at work
Green Screen

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Many interns have gone on to become some of our best crew members.

Hone your skills in the exciting world of Film Production by seeing if an Internship is right for you.

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