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Bill Milling

Bill Milling



Bill is the Emmy Award® winning producer of the NBC series “Unicorn Tales”, winner of 18 Emmy Awards, and the prestigious Action For Children’s Television Award®.


Bill is the writer/director of over twenty feature films.


He was the New York production executive/production supervisor on a host of major motion pictures including: “The Mortal Instruments”  “Lucky Number Slevin”, “Third Miracle”, “Senseless”, “54”, and “The Late Shift”.


Bill produced content for virtually every major TV series including “30 Rock”, “Gossip Girl”, “CSI NY”, “Dexter”, “The West Wing”, “Mad About You”, “Friends”, “Will & Grace”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Conviction”, “The X Files”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Smallville”, and “Without A Trace”.


Bill is a former president of Sigmax, Inc. a Japanese/American film and TV production/distribution company.  Sigmax remade major Japanese Motion pictures in the US in English and dubbed hundreds of hours of Japanese animation into English and Spanish.  Bill oversaw was the North American creation, marketing and distribution of that content


Bill has directed a host of star performers including James Earl Jones, Dick Van Patten, Raven Simone, Charlton Heston, Priscilla Barnes, Erik Estrada, Paul Smith, Michael Parks, James Hong, et al.


His extensive documentary experience (over 96 countries) includes the Greek segment of the IMAX feature “The Living Planet” and being co-director and co-cameraman of the CNN documentary “Beneath The Southern Ocean”  FIBEX  (First International Biomass Expedition into The Antarctic)


Bill has BA degrees in Classical Languages and Philosophy, a BA and MA in English Literature and an MA and Ph.d ABD in Cinema Studies from NYU.

Bill taught Film Production and Feature Film Script Writing at NYU.

He is the owner of The American Movie Company and



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