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Girls In a Box Music Video

Girls In a Box Music Video


YouTube is probably the go-to website for videos on the internet.  On a consumer basis it is perfect for a company to network with potential clients and the rest of the world.


As a person gearing up to make a push to be a YouTube personality myself I decided to do some research on YouTube videos and their connection to popularity.  One of the most important, common aspects is the way the video looks.  More people are willing to stay glued to your video and hear what you have to say if the site is interesting and visually attractive.  Full HD (1080p) has become almost a standard for YouTube enthusiasts everywhere.   How would it be making the transition to 4K?


We all know how good 1080p can look on just about any computer screen. Of course, it is beyond pretty.  But with 4K coming on the rise I seem more tempted to try to use the next technology to give me an advantage over other people. The great news is that since December 2013, YouTube itself has enlisted 4K (or listed as 2160 p) on its active page of resolution.  If you don’t really know how to get to that page here’s how you do it.


On the video page click on the wheel. Then afterwards click on the quality button that usually is selected on “Auto”. From there you have a list of buttons to choose from ranging from the highest (which is hopefully 4K but usually 1080p for videos) to the lowest which is 144p.  The auto button in the tab is there to automatically set a proper resolution depending on your internet speed.  Sometimes computers and the internet can be a pain  to deal with.  It happens to everyone.


Anyway, with YouTube actually allowing you to upload and show videos in 4K is a tremendous feat for any site to accomplish.  The clarity between the two is a big jump and is easy to spot with the right equipment.  Now I know what you’re thinking, if  I’m doing just simple vlogs about my life or something I’m interested in why should I care about what resolution I’m in?  This is especially true if I don’t really know about 4K compared to HD.


Since HD is standard I wouldn’t tell you to drift away from that but if you can you should go for 4K.  It’s on its way up and that presents  a big opportunity for you to market yourself on a level which gets you more views.   Who knows what can happen from there?   Your videos, regardless of the topic, could have the chance to be featured in articles that have 4K and given the popularity of 4K video it can generate new fans, new ideas for you and possibly sponsors for more new stuff.  This, of course, can help you have longevity in YouTube.


As I embark on my YouTube venture I will share my stories, my experiences and hopefully my successes with you all and will also tell you more cool stuff about 4K.

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