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360 Video Production at AMC

Our New Detu-Max 360° 3D 12K Photo – 4K 120fps – 8K 3D Video Camera With AI

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360 Video is destined to be the next big thing in technology.

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360 Virtual Reality is perhaps the single most anticipated and exciting new breakthrough in the world of video.

 It’s a totally immersive experience leaving the viewer with the sensation that he/she is actually present within the video itself. The perception is not just the familiar feel of watching a movie, computer or TV screen.

It is set to revolutionize the media world with applications not only in the obvious arena of gaming, but in cutting-edge commercials, how-to videos, music and dance forms as well as drama.  Yes, VR producers/directors are, even now, creating long form narrative structures in the new 360° Video format.

MAX Features

  • True 3D VR as close as 1 meter
  • 8K/12K High-Definition
  • HDR
  • AI Object-Tracking
  • 6-Axis Stabilization
  • In-Camera Stitching
  • RAW Format
  • 3D/2D Live-Streaming

Bionic 3D Technology

MAX imitates how your eyes capture the world. Create lifelike 3D panoramic images and 360° views with binocular visual image simulation in a very short distance (1.1in).

See true 3D images with MAX through VR glasses to experience the most realistic VR immersion.

 Take a Drive, Explore the Wild

In-camera stitching, six axis stabilization, [email protected] fps 3D capturing, (Car mount not included) 

 HDR Images, Stunning 12K Quality

Get extreme detail and color reproduction capacity with high-dynamic-range imaging and video. Visualize stunningly detailed panoramas at up to 12K resolution.

3D / 8K 360 Video Production

by | Jan 3, 2017

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