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NYC WebCasting/Live Streaming Video Costs

Low, Medium and High Budget WebCasting


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Economy WebCasting



  • One Person Crew
  • Camera Operator / Streaming Tech
  • Sony EX3 Camera, Tripod, Media
  • Mini Encoder, Laptop, Software
  • Video Capture Card
  • Digital Recorder
  • Delivery

Medium Budget WebCasting



  • Three Person Crew
  • 2 Camera Operators
  • 2 Sony Ex3 Cameras
  • 2 Tripods, Media
  • Cables, Monitors
  • TD/ Streaming Tech
  • Professional Flypack
    • Video Mixer
    • Graphics
    • Audio Mixer
    • 2 Internal Digital Recorders
    • Lower Thirds
    • Stream to two destinations
    • External Blackmagic Digital Recorder
  • 3D TriCaster Live Sets for Green Screen Compositing

High Budget WebCasting


  • Five Person Crew
  • Three Sony PMW 350 Cameras
  • 3 Professional Camera Monitors
  • 3 Professional Tripods
  • Camera Operator / PM
  • Camera Operator / DP
  • Camera Operator / Gaffer – Grip
  • Utility / Driver
  • Small Lighting Package
  • 3 Wireless Mics
  • 16 Channel Mixing Board
  • Professional 10 Camera Flypack
    • Graphics
    • 2 Internal DVRs
    • Video Mixer
    • Audio Mixer
    • Lower Thirds
    • Compositing
    • Titles & End Crawl
    • Split Screen (Side by Side)
      • Presenter – PowerPoint
    • Video Out To iMag
  • 3D TriCaster Live Sets for Green Screen Compositing
  • Stream to two destinations
  • 2 Flypack Monitors
  • ClearCom base and 4 remote units
  • Van & Parking


Green Screen Studio Compositing With TriCaster Live Sets

The 3D TriCaster Live Sets are included in our TriCaster Flypack at no extra charge.  Please click on the button above to view the gallery of Live Sets.  Each set has many angles and the TriCaster can composite each angle live as you WebCast.  You finish with a complete show.  To give you an idea of what this might look like, we shot a live scene in the studio.

Note:  To shoot it all live we kept the same lighting for the first set all the way through.  Obviously, you would choose just one set and light perfectly for that.






Streaming Live Video With Little Or No Internet



Our 4G Bonded Cellular Technology will provide enough bandwidth to stream even with no Internet available.  This can supplement your available bandwidth and kick in should your local signal not be strong enough.

Often a site survey may take place after business hours and then when it comes time to stream, all the computers in the building draw on the available signal and weaken it to the point where you can no longer stream.

We have the solution.